Vital Treat for A Vital Dog

The search for treats that are healthy, safe and nutritious goes on and on.  It can be difficult because the other part of the equation is that our dogs need to love them, be willing to do nearly anything  for them.  Let’s face it, they can be hard to find.  Enter Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Vital Treats.

vital treats

Here at APFP we are always looking for great products to offer our customers and these treats seem to fit the bill to a ‘T’.  We wanted the ability to offer something safe and delicious that was a perfect complement to our Nothing But…Treats and we think we have found it.  Just why do we think so?


  • Vital Treats are grain free, gluten free and comprised of all meat goodness
  • Each variety is made from one single protein source.
  • One single protein means that they are perfect for dogs with food allergies. You are in control without having to spend time deciphering ingredients.
  • The freeze drying process is akin to dehydration – no excess processing, no preservatives necessary.
  • Produced by a small family owned company (Since 1968!!) in Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Ingredients are sourced locally and only USDA certified and inspected proteins are used
  • Made and packaged in the USA, no foreign additives EVER.
  • Six varieties that offer 5 different protein sources means you will find the right match for your dog.
  • Easy to close resealable bag makes it easy to take these treats anywhere and keep them fresh always.


Vital Treats are perfect for training, perfect for the show ring and perfect for snack time.  Small and easy to eat quickly, your dog will always be looking for more and paying attention to you!   Rotating your dog between our Nothing But…Treats and Vital Essentials will ensure that the treats you are giving are just as nutritious as the food you are feeding.  Both treats are a perfect match for a dog being fed a raw diet (all meat, single protein), and will enhance the diet of dogs fed a commercial dog food – without question.  Safe.  Healthy.  Nutritious.  Tasty.  Everything you could want in a treat.

Does your dog have a favorite healthy treat?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.