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LIMITED Ingredient Small Batch Raw Dog Food

No more Tummy Tantrums Here

Does your dog...

  • lack energy?
  • have a dull coat?
  • itch all the time?
  • have soft and smelly poop?
  • have dirty teeth?
  • hate his food?

A Raw Diet may be your Answer!

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Limited Ingredients to alleviate allergies & allow testing for triggers

Raw food's limited ingredients can help alleviate allergies by simplifying your dog's diet. This approach enables easier identification of potential triggers, aiding in pinpointing allergens. By excluding common allergenic additives, raw food allows for controlled testing and a better understanding of what suits your dog's system.

Elevate Your Dog's Diet & Watch him Thrive

Make nutrition more than just setting down the bowl. Click on the icon to get the facts.

Frozen Goodness for Tail Wagging Freshness

Our spacious walk-in freezer is the heartbeat of our small batch raw dog food production and storage. Maintained at a frosty 10 to 15 degrees below zero, it ensures the freshness and quality of our raw products. Upon arrival, some of our ingredients find a home here, preserving their integrity until processing.

After production, the ground food undergoes a swift journey into the freezer, placed under compressors for quick freezing. Once sorted and lot-tagged, these frozen treasures are carefully organized on shelves, patiently waiting to nourish your furry companions.

When it's time to ship, our packed products return to the freezer, ensuring they're in prime chilly condition for their journey to your dog's home. Our freezer is the epicenter of our operation, enabling the harmony of our production process.

  • Tail Wagging Guarantee

    Our Tail Wagging Guarantee ensures smiles all around! If you and your furry friend aren't doing the happy dance, we'll swap or refund—making sure those tails keep wagging with joy!

  • From our Kitchen to your Door

    Get ready for a culinary adventure! We whisk up goodness in our kitchen and speed it straight to your pup's palace. No waiting, just wagging tails and top-notch nutrition, delivered right to your dog's delighted door!

  • Pawsome Loyalty Program

    Unleash the fun with our pawsome loyalty program! Treats, cash, and surprises galore await as you and your furry sidekick chomp towards rewards with every purchase and interaction. It's a tail-wagging win-win feast!

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Raw Food

Frequently Barked Questions

What sets A Place for Paws apart from other pet stores or boutiques?

What truly sets A Place for Paws apart from other pet stores is our unwavering dedication to the well-being of your furry family members. We see pets and their parents as a team, striving for their best lives together. Our product selection is curated with care; we only offer what we genuinely believe in. Our team members use most of our products and services themselves, ensuring their quality. We understand the deep bond you share with your pets and encourage celebrations, like birthdays, because they matter. At A Place for Paws, we greet dogs with the same enthusiasm as their owners, cherishing both pets and people alike.

Do you have a loyalty program or rewards system for regular customers?

Currently we offer both a great in store loyalty program with our Pawsome Perks program where our clients get a percentage back with purchase as well as VIP Events & other goodies. Online, we are introducing a new loyalty program that is full of options and ways to get discounts, free shipping & access to special sales.

How can I stay updated on your latest product offerings and promotions?

We offering a Tip of the Week newsletter which will include all of the upcoming events & super specials as well as some great tips. We will also mail occasional offers and specials.

Why should I consider raw food for my dog?

You should consider raw food for your dog to provide a diet resembling their natural eating habits. Raw diets offer potential benefits such as improved coat quality, digestion, and energy levels. Feeding natural nutrients supports your dog's overall health and vitality.

How can I find out more about your doggy daycare and training services?

The easiest way to get more information on daycare and training is to check out those Pages on this website. When you are ready to apply for daycare or schedule training, go to this form to schedule a call with out training daycare coordinator.

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