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  • Elevate Your Dog's Behavior
  • Use Fast Science Based Training
  • Get Personalized Training Plans
  • Recieve Expert Guidance
  • Unleash Your Best Dog!

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Training for Greatness: Tailored to Your Dog's Needs

Embark on a transformative journey with us, turning good dogs into exceptional pets. Our science-based training, paired with personalized programs, empowers your furry family member to shine with confidence and impeccable behavior. Experience the joy of having a truly remarkable companion by your side.

Fill out our quick training questionaire here and request a call from our training coordinator.

  • Experience & Professionalism

    "Ashley, our trainer for our 9 month old yorkie Abby, is amazing. I can't say enough about A Place For Paws. They offer a variety of training options to meet the needs of the pups and the owners they assist. We as first time in home pet owners have truly benefited from their experience and professionalism." - Arlene H.

  • Great Foundation

    "We first became aware of A Place for Paws when Willow took part in the day training program. The training set a great foundation for her and us at home. Each week we received report cards with how we could teach the same commands to work on and expand upon it home. The staff was amazing and would answer our questions and give us guidance on how to correct unwanted behavior" - Michael C.

    Personal Loving Puppy Training in our Homes

    For Puppies up to 6 months

    Let us clean up the messes! We do the work so you can enjoy your puppy. Designed to get your puppy started off on the right paw. Your puppy will live in our home as part of our family while learning the basics of training and socialization. With our positive and loving methods, your puppy will become an excellent student and come to you with a foundation to be a great pet!

    Board & Train Information PDF

    Puppy Board & Train

    Collapsible content

    What will your Pup Learn in Board & Train?

    While in our care, your pup will learn:

    House Training
    Crate Training
    Car Riding
    Bite Inhibition
    Coming when Called
    Walking with you
    Stay and Wait
    Leave It
    Impulse Control

    What's Included in the Board & Train Program?

    Included in our Board & Train program:

    Socialization with people and dogs
    Field Trips for new experiences
    Doggy Daycare for Exercise and Fun
    Private Lessons to transfer handling skills to you and your family
    Two months of phone, text or email support

    What does a Day in Board & Train Look Like?

    A day of fun for our Board & Train pups starts with a morning walk and training at their trainer's home. Tasty snacks included! Then it's off to daycare for playtime with pals. They learn commands and enjoy group training to stay focused. Crate practice and more play at daycare. Their trainer picks them up, and at home, they continue training, walks, and quality time. Housetraining and crate practice continue with extra cuddles. Finally, they rest up for another exciting day. Some days, they train at the store or relax at home. Happy pups, thriving days!

      Learning & Fun at Puppy Playschool at our Daycare

      For Puppies up to 6 months

      We’ll train your puppy then we’ll show you how to work with him.

      Designed to give you all the basics for a great pet. We will work with your puppy on basic obedience, socialization and any special needs that you may have for your dog’s training.

      Each day at our daycare your puppy will have several training sessions as well as some serious playtime.

      Puppy Playschool Info PDF

      Puppy PlaySchool

      Collapsible content

      What will your Pup Learn in Puppy Playschool

      While in our care, your puppy will learn:

      • Coming when Called
      • Walking with you
      • Stay and Wait
      • Leave It
      • Impulse Control
      • Tolerance for Handling
      • Bite Inhibition
      • Crate Entry
      • Target Training

      What's Included in the Puppy Playschool Program?

      Included in our training program:

      Socialization with people and dogs
      Doggy Daycare for Exercise and Fun
      Private Lessons to transfer handling skills
      to you and your family
      Two months of phone, text or email support.

      What does a Day in Puppy Playschool Look Like?

      Each day at our daycare your puppy will have several training sessions as well as some serious playtime.
      His trainers will be working with a plan that we have formulated just for him and the needs of your family.

        One on One Training - Quick Progress with Private Individualized Lesson for all ages of dogs

        For any Puppy or Dog

        We have found that the the quickest and easiest way to teach the basics or do any kind of problem solving is to teach it with only one or two dogs per instructor to limit the distractions. This is why we developed our One on One dog training program.

        Once the dog has mastered the first steps, our Focus Class is a wonderful way to continue their education. One on One dog training gives the owners a chance to really understand and enjoy the process of training their family dog for life.

        One & One Information PDF

        One on One Training

        Collapsible content

        What will your Dog Learn in One on One Training?

        We can work on a variety of behaviors during your one on one sessions.
        These could include:
        Attention and Eye Contact Getting the basics: Sit, Down, Stand
        Sit for Greeting – no more jumping on family and guests
        Coming when Called
        Moving attention – walking on a leash without pulling, paying attention to owner, and ignoring the other dogs. Then you can teach him anything!
        Wait – sit, down, and stand
        Acceptance of Handling
        Begin Supervised Separation
        Problem solving session for barking, digging, chewing, mouthing, house-soiling, etc.
        Silly pet tricks: Spin, Play Dead,Touch (ring bell, push ball),Leave-it (treats on paws),Shake, and Beg.

        Your sessions will be customized to your dog but can include any of the above as well as more individual problems.

        What's Included in the One on One Training Program?

        This training is by appointment so we can set up a time which is truly convenient for you.
        Lessons are a 3/4 hour long.
        Three passes to our Focus class are included in the One on One package.
        Three Playtime passes included with all multiple lesson packages.
        These Playtime passes are good for Monday, Thursday & Saturday night playtimes.

        What does a Session in One on Ones Look Like?

        Our basic obedience course is offered as a private session with you and your dog and an experienced Paws instructor. Sessions are 45 minutes long and will be customized to you and your dog. Each lesson will involve a review of your training program, demonstration of what to do along with actively training your pet.

        All of our dog training instruction uses positive reward based methods.

          Downtown Day Training - We work with your dog & transfer the skills to you!

          For dogs over 5 months

          Elevate your dog's manners and skills in downtown Day Train classes at Paws on Main. Ideal for dogs over five months, our comprehensive program covers essential cues such as Hand Target, Sit, Down, Loose Leash Walking, and more. With 8 lessons in four weeks, trainer sessions, focus classes, playtime, and progress reports, your dog will thrive in real-world situations. Support and follow-up lessons available.

          Day Training Information PDF

          Day Training Program

          Collapsible content

          What will your Dog Learn in Day Training?

          Your dog will learn the following behaviors and we will work on socialization and may add some things that you need for your dog in particular.

          The behaviors taught are:
          Sit until Released
          Down until Released
          Boundary until Released
          Release Cue
          Loose Leash Walking
          Come when Called
          Drop It
          Leave It Basics – Bowl, Hand Floor

          What's Included in the Day Training Program?

          Included in your dog's daytrain program are:

          8 Lessons in four weeks  
          Tues/Thurs or Weds/Fri
          4 Transfer Lessons
          3 Group Focus Sessions
          3 Playtime Passes
          Progress Reports
          Unlimited Email or Text Support for three months

          What does a Day in the Day Train Program Look Like?

            Therapy Dog Program Training - for your Dog to be Welcome Anywhere

            for dogs over five months

            The Therapy Dog Program is designed to help you train your dog to be welcome anywhere and to provide comfort, happiness, healing and stress relief to others in a variety of situations. Your dog can help brighten someone’s day!

            Your dog will complete the program as a certified therapy dog welcomed at extended care facilities, schools , libraries and anywhere therapy dogs are needed.

            Therapy Dog Information PDF

            Therapy Dog

            Collapsible content

            What will your Pup Learn in the Therapy Dog Program?

            Cues Taught:

            Hand Target – Touch
            Sit until Released
            Down until Released
            Boundary until Released
            Release Cue
            Loose Leash Walking
            Heel with Auto Sit Come when Called with Auto Sit
            Wait in Sit at Doorways
            Greetings Practice
            Say Hello (Visit)Drop It
            Leave It – Bowl, Hand Floor, Walking & OfferedTricks Tricks - Sit Up, Spin, Leg Weave,…..

            What's Included in the Therapy Dog Program?

            Components of the Program

            8 Day train Lessons in four weeks of Tues/Thurs or Weds/FriPlus

            4 Day train Lessons over four weeks

            6 Private Lessons
            Two Facility Visits
            Unlimited Group Focus Sessions
            Unlimited Playtime

            Progress Reports

            Unlimited Email
            or Text Support lifetime

            Canine Good Citizen Test & Therapy Dog International or Canine Good Citizen Advanced

            Time Frame to Complete

            Four Months to Eight Months

            TDI, CGC & CGCA Certifications

            Therapy Dogs International
            Therapy Dogs International is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registering therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, other facilities and wherever therapy dogs are needed. A dog must be at least one year of age to receive TDI Certification.

            AKC Canine Good Citizen

            The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program is designed to recognize dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. This rapidly growing nationally recognized program stresses responsible dog ownership for owners and basic training and good manners for dogs. All dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test receive the designation of Canine Good Citizen.

            AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced This Certification takes your dog beyond the basics and insures that they are reliable and beautifully behaved in public.

              Once Your Dog Learns the Moves - It is good to practice focus with distractions.

              For any dog who has completed a class

              Participate in our engaging Focus class, open to all program attendees. Elevate your dog's skills beyond basics, fostering attention amidst distractions. Your pup's heightened focus will create an adaptable and well-behaved companion, ready for any situation.

              Focus Class

              Collapsible content

              What will your Dog Learn in Focus Class?

              Focus Class is designed to be busy and full of activity so that your dog can come in and learn to pay attention to you while performing the behaviors he already knows.

              We will often teach new behaviors needed at the moment or that will be fun for the group.

              Advanced dogs and their owners are expected to practice more difficult work.

              How many Focus classes can I attend?

              When your dog completes your one on one or daytrain lessons, you will recieve three pass to come to focus class.

              Beyond that, you may attend as many classes as you would like at $10 per class.

              Our therapy dog participants may come to unlimited focus classes as a part of their package.

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              A Place for Paws Training

              Frequently Barked Questions

              How long will it take to train my dog?

              Training duration varies; puppies with little background learn swiftly, while dogs with long-standing behaviors take a bit more time. Our science-based training plans efficiently advance progress, with most seeing significant improvement in the first four lessons. Focus classes further expedite learning.

              Can I train my older dog?

              Absolutely! Older dogs can definitely learn new tricks. Our science-based training approach is adaptable and effective for dogs of all ages. With patience and tailored techniques, your older dog can still enjoy successful learning and behavior improvement.

              How early can I start training my puppy?

              For optimal results, we recommend starting training as early as 8 weeks old. Early training establishes a strong foundation for behavior and obedience. However, it's never too late to begin – dogs of all ages can benefit from our effective training methods.

              My dog doesn't listen. What can I do?

              If your dog doesn't listen, training is the key. Our approach helps dogs learn to pay attention and value commands. Through structured training, we build a strong communication foundation, fostering better obedience and responsiveness in your beloved furry friend.

              How can I get my dog to come when I call him?

              Training is the answer to getting your dog to come when called. Through our guidance, you become more important than distractions. Consistent practice with rewarding experiences reinforces this behavior, making your dog's response to your call reliable and joyful.