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Liquid Health - Spot Shot

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Considered a “near perfect antibiotic”, colloidal silver can be an outstanding natural way to deal with many problems suffered by pets.  Colloidal silver has been shown to be incredibly effective, not only on bacteria, but also on viruses and fungi.  While it is not meant as a replacement to antibiotics (as ALWAYS the advice of your veterinarian should be heeded), it can work as a supplemental treatment alongside antibiotics and a replacement for things like antibacterial ointment where the injury or condition is minor enough for home treatment.


Colloidal Silver 10 ppm in a base of purified distilled water. 

Health Benefits:

Liquid health In topical spray form, it is great for use on burns, abrasions, open wounds, bacterial infections, skin rashes and dermatitis. It helps to relieve pain, itching and inflammation while promoting rapid healing.  is great for mange suffers, the uses are many and varied.  Allergy and hypothyroid dogs who are prone to hot spots will benefit greatly from the soothing spray and it is incredibly handy to have around for those all too common nicks, cuts and scrapes that so many of our dogs experience.


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