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DogZYMES - Cran-Tri-C

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Dogzymes Cran Tri C is a product to offer Vitamin-C in a form closely matching vitamin C from whole food.  We blend 3 forms of Vitamin C in raw cranberry powder which provides a whole food base to fully complete all vitamin C’s components that only whole food delivers. There is no recommended daily dose of Vitamin C for dogs as established by the NRC, but Cran-Tri-C delivers real vitamin C in the most natural and best utilized form for absorption by cells. This product combines Vitamin C from three sources:  Calcium Ascorbate, Ascorbic Acid, and the natural Vitamin C in the cranberry powder for current issues and preventative maintenance. Cranberry provides a whole food base necessary to allow cells to correctly utilize these C-vitamins.  Cran Tri provides a powerful antioxidant boost to protect from cell damage.


Cranberry Powder, Sodium Ascorbate (vitamin C), Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)

Health Benefits:

Whether for bone health, antioxidants to protect cells from cancer, reduce inflammation, prevent oxidation damage, provide immune support, optimize organ health, and for any part of the body, Vitamin C is important. Vitamin C is exciting researchers in recent studies when compared to several new cancer drugs with more trials coming. The cranberry component is excellent for deterring and eliminating urinary tract infections.

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