Join us for some Dog Gone Fun!

Friday, June 7 - 6PM to 8:30 PM

Splash into summer with our "Dog Gone Luau Party" at the doggy daycare, a tropical-themed celebration to mark A Place for Paws' 25th anniversary!

This festive event is designed for both dogs and their owners to enjoy a slice of paradise right here at our daycare.

Here's what you can expect at our Dog Gone Luau Party:

Delicious Luau Feast: Indulge in authentic luau-inspired dishes for people and specially prepared dog treats that will have tails wagging.

Exciting Games and Activities: Participate in fun dog games that capture the luau spirit. Test your pup's agility or see how many treats they can catch!

Tropical Photo Booth: Capture the memories with your furry friend at our themed photo booth, complete with props and tropical backdrops.

Festive Decor: The venue will be transformed into a tropical paradise with safely placed tiki torches, vibrant beach umbrellas, and lush tablecloths featuring tropical patterns. Inflatable palm trees will enhance the sunny luau vibe.

Welcoming Atmosphere: Every guest, on two legs or four, will be greeted with colorful leis to get into the party spirit from the moment they arrive.

Hawaiian Music: Soft Hawaiian tunes will float through the air, completing the immersive experience of a beachside getaway.

Open Pool: The pool will be open for a swim and dive session, perfect for cooling off and splashing around.This Dog Gone Luau Party promises a vibrant and engaging experience, offering a unique way to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

With delectable treats, playful activities, and a relaxing tropical atmosphere, it's destined to be a highlight of our anniversary celebrations.

Come join us for an unforgettable day where the aloha spirit meets paw-some fun!This event is free and open to all sociable dogs and their owners.