So You Want To Know Why You Should Feed Raw

It just seems crazy to you.  Why on earth would you feed raw meat to your dog?   The bacteria alone will surely kill him especially since he will be weak from lack of vitamins that are so conveniently put into that crunchy stuff that comes in a bag.  Your dog isn’t a ‘wolf’.  That’s ridiculous.  He’s a golden retriever – that’s not even close to being a wolf!  Just look at him!  Feed him bones?  Are you insane?  Don’t you know that bones will kill him?  Don’t you know anything?

Chicken necks, backs and organs are a great base for a raw meal for your pet

Do these arguments make sense to you?  Do you wonder how on earth anyone could ever hand their dog a raw chicken leg?  Has your vet told you that it is impossible to balance and your dog will suffer?  Become impacted with bones?  Suffer a perforated intestine?  We could go on. 

If any of the above makes you nod your head in agreement, you, my friend, have been led down a path of half-truths and pure falsehoods. Let us tell you why you should feed raw.

  1. Dogs and cats are carnivores. No, dogs aren’t wolves and housecats aren’t lions, but the physical attributes that put them in the same family as both animals, also show you that they are, just like their wild counterparts, built to eat and digest raw meat, bones and organs.  It’s a fact.  Think of them as house-wolves and house-lions.
  2. Raw is optimal nutrition. It is true that kibbles contain a ‘vitamin pack’ that ensures particular nutritional standards are met.  At least on paper.  In reality, the vitamins are largely synthetic and half of the ingredients aren’t usable or digestible by your pet.  These nutritional needs are more than adequately met by feeding a good variety of raw meat, bones and organs along with minimal supplementation.  Food they can actually
  3. Healthy teeth and gums. Kibble promotes tooth decay, gingivitis and other gum diseases.  Crunchy kibble doesn’t clean teeth any more than chewing on crackers means that you, the human, can forgo brushing your   Instead, kibble gets stuck at the gum line and rots.  The motion of chewing kibble won’t touch existing plaque and instead promotes the growth of more.  The enzymes in raw meat, along with the crunching of bones, are a great way to ensure that your pet never needs to have their teeth cleaned again.  Nature’s tooth brush.
  4. The poop is marvelous. Yes, we said it – Poop.    Marvelous.  When fed a raw diet, your pet is eating a food that is entirely usable to them.  There are no fillers; there is nothing they cannot digest.  Just healthy whole foods.  As a result, they poop less often, in far smaller amounts and it barely smells.  After a few days, it disintegrates all on its own.  Dogs fed kibble poop copious amounts of slightly soft very stinky stuff.  Picking up your yard is a constant activity.  Yuck.
  5. Total health. Raw fed dogs, since they are eating what nature intended them to eat, live longer, healthier, more active lives.  They thrive on a diet of actual food sans preservatives, additives and by-products of unknown origin. They suffer far fewer diseases than their kibble fed counterparts and visit the vet significantly less.  Raw fed puppies grow at a more natural and healthy rate and have a jump start towards a healthy adulthood.  Furthermore, switching to a raw diet can help many dogs who were previously fed kibble, fight diseases such as chronic renal failure, diabetes and cancer, just to name a few.

Feeding whole foods will always trump feeding processed foods – what holds true for people also holds true for dogs.  Knowing where your dog’s food comes from, knowing exactly what is in his bowl is an invaluable way to make sure he stays healthier longer.  Why feed raw?  One reason tops them all – it is what is best for your dog.

What kinds of questions keep you or kept you from feeding raw?