Dirty Ears A Thing Of The Past With Raw

I have been feeding raw for 5 years. Finding “a place for paws” has made the task so much simpler. Instead of driving to butcher shops for various meaty bones and standing at the food processor making my own veggie blend, I have it all delivered right to my door. When I took Dotti, the latest addition to our pack to the groomer to get her nails done, the groomer said, “I’ll clean her ears too as long as she is here.” I said, “You won’t need to.” The groomer didn’t believe me and went ahead and swabbed Dotti’s ears with a cotton ball. The cotton ball came back clean. The groomer had never seen that before but as a 5-year raw feeder, that is exactly what I expect now. A photo of Dotti is attached. Notice that she gets plenty dirty splashing around in mud puddles, but the insides of her ears are spotless!