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The Miracles of Raw Green Tripe *

The Miracles of Raw Green Tripe *

The Miracles of Raw Green Tripe

Raw Green Tripe really can save lives!

 After years of living a healthy life, Dixie, a 15 year old Labrador Retriever, was unexpectedly fighting a battle against Kidney Disease. 

Dixie's doctors weren’t hopeful, and they expected her to die. Despite this, Dixie's mom and dad were determined to find a way to help their beloved girl. And finally, through all odds, they found a solution – raw green tripe.

This past September, Dixie went into renal failure and her family almost lost her. 

They state "It came so close that our hearts were breaking. On two separate occasions within this horrible week our vet wanted us to make a decision, but each time we looked at her she would lift her head and give us one tail wag. We couldn’t do it. She was in the hospital for two weeks and given most tests known to man (CT Scans, MRIs, etc…) The doctors were trying to figure out why she went into renal failure... which we could never figure out." 

Ultimately, the fluids and antibiotics given to Dixie are what kept her alive. "We were finally able to bring her home only if we gave her subQ fluids two-three times daily and got her blood tested every other day. She didn’t have much of an appetite during this time, but we could get her to eat bacon (a big vet no-no), and a few other items that changed daily" her family remarks.  

Dixie has always been on a raw food diet, and her family was commited to keeping her on one. They agree that raw feeding is what helped Dixie live this long, and that there is no point in ending her healthy diet . 

Unfortunately, Dixie's vet had other plans. Their vet believed that Dixie should go on a K/D diet. This pushed her family to buy it. However, her family never actually fed it to her. "We never did put her on the k/d, we basically lied to our vet promising we were feeding it to her" her family says. 

Instead, Dixie's family started feeding raw green tripe to Dixie behind her vet's back. 

Miraculously, this new diet helped save Dixie! 

Her blood tests started to be done less frequently, going from being done weekly, to bi-weekly, and now monthly.

Finally, her family told Dixie's vet she was eating the green tripe, and that she never ate K/D. He just stared at us and grunted, denying the benefits of the raw diet.

Dixie's family states "He [the vet] says we’ve ruined it for all other cases. He still believes that CRF is a death sentence, and that there is no cure. We smiled at him and said, “green tripe, baby, green tripe”.  

Now, Dixie is living life to its fullest, and her parents are grateful for every moment.

They say that Dixie "Acts like a 4yo, barking at us every morning at sunrise for breakfast" and that "She can’t get to her bowl fast enough"

They thank the raw diet and green tripe for saving their dog's life. 

CRF is not incurable! Prescription Science Diets like K/D are not your only alternatives. There is always hope, and we believe Dixie will attest to that. 

Stay positive – there may be help for your pup too!



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