Why We Love Martingale Collars

Martingales. Greyhound Collars. Limited Slips. All are names for the best choice in collars on the market.  This collar is strong and secure while being comfortable and attractive. We recommend them for many reasons. There are very few dogs who would not benefit from a martingale collar.

One of the biggest positives to a martingale is its no-slip aspect.  Often referred to as a greyhound collar, it is thus named because greyhounds along with other sighthounds, tend to have a head that is smaller than their neck is wide.  This makes them completely capable of slipping any regular buckle collar with ease.  A martingale makes this endeavor impossible and will do the same for any breed of dog.  Most buckle collars if made tight enough to prevent any and all “slippage” are uncomfortably tight.  Martingales tighten only when the dog is attempting his escape – they lie comfortably loose when the shenanigans are over.  No slip means less danger that your dog will disappear, get hit by a car, meet up with another loose dog etc.

Control is another plus.  When fitted properly on a dog, the martingale offers a snug fit that stays where you put it.  Unlike a traditional choke chain collar, the martingale is limited.  It only tightens to fit snugly around the dog’s neck – never enough to choke the dog or cut off his airflow as a choke collar does.  When fitted correctly and placed high up behind a dog’s ears, the martingale offers superior control as well as lets your dog know, gently, that pulling and twisting will get them nowhere fast.  Control the dog’s head, control the dog.  Martingales also offer a “handy” handle when walking your dog in close quarters with other dogs or people without having to invest in a short tab leash that would necessitate you switching leashes as you walk along.  Convenient!

We recommend and offer Lupine brand martingale collars here at A Place For Paws.  Why Lupine?  They are strong, durable and pretty snazzy with a plethora of patterns and designs in several sizes and widths.  They are also GUARANTEED for life.  Your dog chews his collar or fancy matching leash?  Simply send them back to Lupine for a complete replacement.  It doesn’t matter HOW it was destroyed, Lupine stands behind its product like no other company we’ve encountered.  Made completely of nylon, there are no chain parts to the martingale at all which makes handling the collar while its on the dog more comfortable for you and for the dog.  A stationary D ring offers a place for you to put your dog’s tags without interfering with leash placement – many other martingales on the market don’t offer this perk.

So if you are frustrated with your current collar be it buckle, choke or prong, consider trying a martingale – they aren’t just for greyhounds anymore!!!