Why does my dog need probiotics?

An abundance of beneficial bacteria in a dog’s gut can help improve digestion, stop diarrhea, improve skin conditions, bolster the immune system and get rid of bad breath and gas. A quality probiotic will cause the beneficial bacteria to multiply dramatically to provide and maintain long term health benefits.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms (in most cases, bacteria) that are similar to beneficial microorganisms found in the human gut. They are also called “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria.”  Probiotics can help to restore balance in the digestive system.

What can disrupt your dog’s digestion?

Antibiotic use, vaccine use, steroid use, pharmaceutical use,  radiation therapy, stress, fear, processed foods, surgery, disease, and transport to name a few.

Probiotics can provide billions of colony forming units of good bacteria daily. Yogurt can help on a small basis but a good probiotic (like Dogzymes) provides the equivalent of 80 cups of yogurt in one dose.

What can beneficial bacteria do?

It can push out the bad bacteria. It can restore a healthy balance, counteract antibiotic damage, stimulate digestion, improve nutrient absorption, regulate vitamin absorption, support natural disease resistance, support the immune system, treat some infections, eliminate bad breath, stop diarrhea, improve skin and coat condition, stop gas and lower the chance of  bloat.

A good probiotic is key to your pet’s good health and longevity.

The newest additions to our product line, the probiotics Dogzymes Canine Paste and Dogzymes Digestive Enhancer,  provide a unique blend of naturally occurring digestive bacteria and enzymes with natural amino acids. We have acquired these products to replace our Fastrack products because we feel that they are superior. Fastrack has been our go-to probiotic for ten years and we are delighted to find something even better.