Why Beef?

Is beef so important?  Actually it sort of is!  It can be one of those proteins that gets left behind by raw feeders due to the fact that its hard to find edible beef bones to serve alongside beef muscle meat – and other than ribs and necks that is often true.  Look no further – our Beef mix has a completely balanced meat to bone to organ ratio which makes it an invaluable source of protein for your dog.  Beef is an excellent source of nutrients not readily found elsewhere such as zinc and iron.  Zinc helps to maintain the immune system, build muscle, heal wounds and assists in cognitive functions as well.  Iron, while difficult to obtain elsewhere, is most readily available and absorb-able when obtained from beef sources.  It not only helps red blood cells carry oxygen but also plays a large part in cognitive health and the ability to learn and understand – so make sure you give a beef meal prior to training class!  Beef also supplies all necessary amino acids that your dog’s body needs to build, repair and maintain body tissues.  For this reason beef is an energizing food for a working dog and a calming food for a dog that is stressed.   Also rich in B vitamins, beef can help your dog fight infection and experience normal, natural and healthy growth.

Ground beef that you find in the grocery store contains all of these same nutrients, but don’t forget that it lacks something incredibly important – a calcium source!  Our Beef mixes contain our very own bone dust which is made from rib bones from locally raised cattle – no mystery bone meal here.  That makes our beef mixes an invaluable addition to your dog’s diet.  Edible beef bones can be hard to find but if you find yourself with boneless ground meat, simply add Eggshellent Calcium and you’re good to go!

Most importantly, don’t forget the BEEF!bbsq