Why Basic Is Better

A few months back, A Place For Paws made some changes to our product list.  We felt, after much consideration and thought, that it would make our raw foods more appealing to a greater number and variety of people.  By giving people the freedom to choose what THEY want to feed to their pets, each individual dog or cat can be accommodated according to their own personal needs.  We provide the basic building blocks, our customers can do the rest!

Essentially,  we are now offer a very basic menu.  Basic, but including everything that you need to create the perfect diet for your individual pet.  We have taken out extraneous items that might cause your pet issues – things like flax seed and sugary fruits.  Our meat only mixes are great fed alone or as a base for adding other items such as our veggie mix.  The choice of supplements we leave up to you.  Let’s be honest – not all dogs and cats do well with all supplements and now the power belongs to you to decide what is best for your animals – which is as it should be.

While everything has been slimmed down and separated out, we still provide all you could need.  The ground mixes and the raw meaty bones form the base of any good diet.  Our organ mixes, veggie mix, supplements and treats provide the rest.  Since each and every animal is an individual and because each and every owner wants to make sure that they do right by each pet that they have, these components are the perfect way to mix and match and feed what works for you.  Variety is easy to obtain.  Pork, beef, tripe, chicken and turkey make for plenty of variety. If you choose to add vegetables, our pulped and ground veggie mix gives you the maximum nutrition to pack the most powerful punch.  The amount of veggies to feed?  Well, that will depend on you and on your dog but keeping it around a 5 to 1 ratio, meat to

Start with the basics and build from there!

vegetables, is a safe course of action.  Other foods that include veggies right in the mix can add up to 40% – in our minds, this is far too much.  While nutritious and delicious, dogs are carnivores and meat should make up more than the majority of their meals.  For cats, this is even more true as they are obligate carnivores and can do exceptionally well with no veggies at all.  Organ blends can be used to supplement raw meaty bones like turkey necks, chicken necks and chicken backs.  They should make up approximately 10% of your pet’s total diet, slightly more for cats so using the different organ blends to that ratio is relatively important if one is feeding meat without added organs.

Supplements will vary from pet to pet.  Some are great for all – Digestive Enhancer, Cran-Tri-C, Grizzly Salmon Oil and Kelp rank among the top.  Other dogs will do well on our varying joint supplements and others who need a little extra will thrive on our Fido Nutrients.  If you are at all in doubt as to whether your pet is receiving the nutrition that he or she needs, using a multivitamin can be the key to your peace of mind.

While things change, the changes have all been for the better.  They are changes that enable us, as pet owners, to make our own decisions as to what we feed our pets.  We know best what works for each of our animals and should have the autonomy to make those choices.