Why Add Kelp?

North Atlantic Sea Kelp….what in the world?  Most of use have never heard of kelp before, much less know exactly what properties it has to help our pets!  In reality, kelp is a pretty amazing substance and a great natural supplement for your dog or cat.

Kelp is an incredibly simply way to make sure that your pet is getting everything he needs!

Why kelp?  One of the main reason kelp is so beneficial is because it supplies many trace minerals that are pretty well depleted in our soil.  Because the soil lacks these mineral, the grass the grows in this soil is also lacking.  That means that grazing animals that make up much of our raw fed dogs’ diets are also deficient in these minerals.  Kelp replaces these trace minerals and compensates for that which is simply no longer there.

Kelp provides many benefits for our pets.  It enhances immune function, helps with healthy skin and coat, aids in healing, better coat pigmentation, promotes heart health, aids in digestion and can increase appetite.  It is also a rich source of iodine which aids in gland function, especially the thyroid gland.  While it doesn’t replace a thyroid supplement in a true hypothyroid dog, it CAN mean you use less supplement overall and for dogs who are borderline may help you to avoid the supplementation until a much later date.

Kelp will supply your dog with so many things that he is likely missing that you don’t even KNOW he’s missing!  B Complex vitamins and so very many minerals and amino acids – its really one of nature’s finest supplements.