Where Our Meat Comes From….

Often we get questions regarding the sources from which we get our “raw” products.  It is an inquiry that we will happily answer.  If you are a raw feeder you are obviously conscientious about what you feed your pets and want to know for certain just where their food comes from.  We don’t blame you – we would and do feel the same.

Beef and tripe are two of our biggest sellers.  All of our beef products come from local sources only.  All cattle is raised by small farmers and is brought to a central slaughterhouse.  No feed lot cattle here!  This means that they are primarily pasture raised and grass fed BUT since many farmers are involved and since we do not have what you would

Beef – fresh from the farm!

call “mild” winters here, there can be a certain amount of grain supplementation.  For that reason we only state that our beef is mostly grass fed but want everyone to understand that there could be a certain amount of grain involved in some cases.  All beef products are human grade – no downed, diseased, dead or dying cattle involved.  Every bit of beef that goes into our mixes could just as easily be sent to a grocery store for humans to buy and eat for dinner.  Our beef tripe comes from the same place.  Remember that by definition, tripe is not for human consumption unless its bleached and scalded and whatnot BUT our tripe does come from COWS meant for human consumption!  Pork products – same place, same set up, same quality as that which you put on your dinner table.

Chicken comes from the Amish country – they are fed a 100% natural vegetarian diet from the day they are hatched until the day they are slaughtered.  They are hormone, antibiotic, additive and growth stimulant (steroid) free.  Further, they are cage free with plenty of room to roam on family owned Amish farms.  As with our beef, none of the  chicken that goes into or makes up our products is any different from what you would serve your family at dinner.  Completely and totally human grade without exception.

Our turkey provider follows much the same protocol as our chicken provider – cage free turkeys with access to fresh

Our turkey, just like our other poultry, is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free as well as raised outside of cages with room to roam

air and sunlight as well as hormone and growth stimulant free.  They too are fed an all vegetarian diet and are completely human grade.

Lamb tripe, like the beef, comes from local farmers who bring their flocks to a small family owned slaughterhouse.  These sheep are largely pastured raised allowing for minimal grain supplementation where needed.  They are not feedlot animals and are not treated as such.  All meat is human grade and as such comes from the same animals that the leg of lamb available at the butcher down the street for YOUR consumption, came from.

We don’t offer exotic meats mainly because we cannot find an adequate local source for most of them.  In order to offer things like duck, emu, ostrich, bison, goat etc, we would have to have it shipped in from far away – something we simply aren’t willing to do.  We prefer knowing that barely any time at all was spent in transporting meat to us whether its delivered, or more commonly, picked up from us directly after slaughter.  Its one of our quality control methods.  We take pride in the fact that we have personally seen and inspected for ourselves every single facility that we get meat from.  Its important to us to not rely on second hand information and hearsay – we KNOW where its coming from

The food we send to you is the same that we feed our own dogs – our confidence level is absolute!


Everyone here at APFP feeds their pets the same food that we ship to you.  If only for THAT reason, you can bet we are sticklers for quality and consistency.  We too worry about what we feed our animals – which is why we want to feed the best so therefore we MAKE the best using only the best ingredients.