What You Don’t Know About Apple Cider Vinegar…..

Apple cider vinegar.  Most of us have it in our cupboards, but what do we really know about this mystery liquid?  We use it for cooking, perhaps for cleaning….but is there more?

Unknown to to many of us, ACV is a remedy with multiple uses for our dogs.  It is an anti-bacterial as well as an

Use a dilution of ACV to help clear and dry out your dog’s ears after a romp in the lake

anti-fungal, boosts the immune system, helps break down calcium deposits in the joints (therefore helpful for dogs with arthritis and hip dysplasia), eases itchy skin due to allergies (when used as an after bath rinse), is beneficial to heart health, aids in digestion (useful for gassy or constipated dogs) and can help prevent UTI’s, bladder infections and bladder stones.

Whether added to the food or mixed with water and spritzed on the body as a natural flea and bug repellent, ACV is a natural way to enhance your dog’s life.  Always remember that it should always be diluted, should not be used around the eyes and avoid open wounds where it will sting like nobody’s business!  Dogs with chronic yeast problems or irritated intestines can have their conditions exacerbated and made worse with use of ACV so avoid it when these problems are present.

Always go for the unpasturized ACV that includes the “mother”, a dark sediment usually seen at the bottom of the bottle – organic ACV is generally your best way to go.  All vinegars are NOT created equal so avoid using the clear vinegars that you generally see at the grocery store – their benefits are negligible and they will not give the same effect as ACV (www.natural-dog-health-remedies.com).

Sometimes its as easy as opening the cupboard door – items you’ve looked at your entire life can take on new meaning once we are “in the know”!  Always remember – your dog won’t mind sharing and ACV can do great things for humans too!