Welcome BIG Bottle Toys!

One thing is for sure – dogs love the sound of a crunching plastic bottle!  Bottles can be a great toy for your pup -but sometimes they simply don’t hold their interest and, for many dogs, a standard sized water bottle is just too small.  Enter Doggles Milk Jug and Soda Pop Critters!

Plushy, fuzzy and furry, these critters are perfect for your larger dog.  Just insert a gallon milk jug or two liter soda pop bottle and voila – instant entertainment.  You also get to recycle at the same time – its the perfect ‘green’ toy!  The Milk Jug Critters measure 24″ long, have a squeaker in the nose and easily fit a standard sized milk jug.  Choose from the Chicken, Pig or Sheep toys or let your dog decide!

The Soda Pop Critters employ the same concept just with use of a two liter soda bottle.  Insert your empty bottles and watch your dog crunch his way to ecstasy!  Two squeakers are included in this toy which measures 20″ in length.  Choose from the Hippo, Toucan or Monkey!

These toys can be used even without a bottle or jug inside – dogs STILL adore them!  Versatility is key.  If you want some quiet – take out the bottle or jug – its that easy.  Machine washable, you can keep these fuzzies looking great and smelling good for you pup (though we all know they prefer them dirty and stinky!!!).

If you have a larger dog or one that the smaller water bottle sized toys just aren’t enough for, than check out the new milk jug and soda bottle line from Doggles – you won’t be sorry you did and your dog’s joy will make ensure you know just how grateful he or she is!