5 Ways To Get Your Dog Moving

So you have reconfigured how and what you feed your tubby dog in hopes that you can reverse the wrong and get him back to an optimal (healthy) weight, but that’s is just the first part of it.  Exercise is nearly as important as feeding them right.  People don’t truly become fit and healthy without watching their diet as well as engaging in regular exercise, and this holds true for dogs as well (heck, it holds true for any mammal!).

fat you exercise too

Let’s face it, how many among us can honestly say we don’t need more exercise?  If you don’t exercise already, you should be (and so should your dog) and if you do, you should be taking your fat dog along for the ride.  Exercise for adog isn’t a fenced in yard to go out and pee in – because, more often than not, that’s all they are doing.  Wandering, peeing, and maybe taking a lap. 

That isn’t truly exercise – not the kind that will help him be all he can be.  Even if you have more than one dog, random playtime for 20 minutes here and there just doesn’t cut it.  Walking is great – but not if your walks with your pooch consist of an easy stroll around the block and then home again.  A fenced yard and an occasional leisurely walk do not an exercise regime make.

So what do you do?  What actually helps?

  • Plan on 30 minutes of actual exercise with your dog daily (if not more) 30 minutes should be your minimum goal in order to facilitate any real change.  Remember, this means actual exercise, not 30 minutes of your dog wandering the back yard.  Things like biking and jogging are fine once your dog is in shape, but don’t start your chubby puppy out with such high impact exercise.  Learn to walk before you run.
  • Walking is great exercise.  Make sure your walks are brisk, with a purpose and for a decent length.  The distance is certainly dictated by different factors – age of your dog, physical limitations of your dog, and to a lesser extent, the size and/or breed of your dog.  Walk with a purpose at a brisk pace.  Keeping your dog at a sustained trot is the best way to burn calories and build lean muscle.
  • Swimming is a fantastic way for any and all dogs to tone up and burn calories.   It is completely low impact which means it is perfect for dogs with arthritis or joint issues.
  • Play a game.  The best kind of exercise involves the mind AND the body.  Play fetch, hide and seek, do tricks, do SOMETHING.  Don’t let your dog wander the back yard alone – get out there with him.  Make it up as you go along.  These games can also be adapted to be inside games when it is too hot or too cold to spend time outdoors
  • Doggy Daycare.  What exactly do you think your pudgy dog does all say while you are at work?  He sleeps.  He sleeps long hours.  Daycare is the cure for sleeping the day away.

Get up.  Get moving.  Not only can you add years to your dog’s life but maybe some to your own as well.  Lazy isn’t an option.

What are some of the ways you exercise your dog? Leave your answer in the comment section below.