Venison for Dogs – A Novel Protein For Your Pet

As pet owners we are always on the lookout for tasty but HEALTHY treats for our dogs.  Sometimes we have to search harder because or dog doesn’t tolerate certain ingredients – certain protein sources, certain grains.  Whether an allergy or an intolerance, when we go to the major pet retailers, we are faced with bags and boxes of treats that contains things we can’t even pronounce from places that we don’t want to think about.  In light of all of the recalls and dangers to our pets in the last few years, finding something suitable for dinner as well as for snacks is a tough job.

Our Shaffer Farm Venison Jerky Treats offer up a great alternative as a treat for your pup.  They are easy to cut up into small bits for training purposes and easy to feed.  The best part?  They are wholesome, nutritious and quite simply, good for your dog!

Antibiotic and growth hormone free, these 100% venison treats are the perfect thing for any dog – especially dogs with allergies or a particular intolerance to certain ingredients.  Made from farm raised venison and smoked in the farm’s very own smokehouse, it can be certain that nothing untoward ends up in these treats!  These treats are made right here in the USA which alleviates many of the worries that come along with treats from other countries.  Its the rare, rare dog who can resist them and in fact, most are so enamored of the taste and soft texture that they will do things to get them that they won’t do for other run of the mill treats.  While they keep quite well since they are dried and smoked, it is recommended that you keep yours in the fridge for optimal freshness.  If you prefer to buy several packages at once that works too because they freeze incredibly well and can keep in the freezer for quite a long time!  Buy a bunch and never run out!

If you need a perfect alternative treat for your dog, check out these snazzy tasty bits of goodness – your dog will DEFINITELY thank you!