Two Thumbs Up From Gabby’s Vet!

“I just wanted to pass on something from Gabby’s latest annual check up. A small crack was found in one of her teeth, so the decision was made to schedule a cleaning and xray to be sure it was only surface. The good news, it was a minor surface crack.  The BETTER news, Gabby’s oral health is amazing!  The vet went on and on about the condition of her teeth, gums and bones.  She literally has 0% bone loss which is unheard of at 7 years of age.  She had almost no build up and her gums are in perfect condition.  He really wanted to know what I was doing to keep her teeth is such fantastic shape.  I told him I only do one thing.  I feed her A Place for Paws Raw.  He was quite interested and wants more information.  Just wanted to say thanks again!  Take care!”

-Chris and Gabby