Tripe Strips – New Improved Packaging, Same Great Product

Our first foray into Tripe Strips was a little haphazard.  Trial and error and customer feedback have taught us several things and, always interested in making things better for our customers’ and their pets, we have taken it all in and made necessary and positive adjustments.

First and foremost we know that the Tripe Strips are a HIT!  Every person that we have heard back from has claimed that their dogs, like our own, went absolutely NUTS for the strips.  We had a feeling this would be the case – we can’t keep our dogs away from them and plenty a strip has been stolen out of the bag or off of the counter prior to feeding time!  One customer shared with us the fact that her dogs got tired of waiting for mom to serve it up, got themselves a bag, opened it and had their own private feast.  Must be good stuff!  Around here, its hard to get it into their bowls fast enough!

Packaging our Tripe Strips has proven to be a bit of a challenge.  Juicier than expected, they tended to make their presence known far more quickly than one would prefer.  The other problem was the span of time that we had to wait from time of packaging to time of freezing.  This delayed greatly our shipping schedule.  Our customers are very used to receiving their orders in the shortest amount of time humanly possible.  We pride ourselves on it.  Certainly, things can intervene – holidays, technical issues etc. – but by in large we like to ship quickly!

We believe that we now have come to find the perfect way to package and ship our delicious Tripe Strips.  Now available in either 18# or 36# sizes, these strips are packed in three pound bags in a lined box, frozen, packed into a cooler box and then shipped along to you.  Conveniently sized individual bags, a solid shipping container (returnable for a credit!) and a product that your dog will sit up, roll over, play dead and sing a song for.  Can’t get much better than that!

If you didn’t have a chance to try our new Tripe Strips before, now is your chance!  Tripe goodness with oomph – not only does your dog get what he craves but he gets a workout chewing it up and slurping it down.  Perfect for any dog, any size, any age.  Don’t forget that Tripe Strips are also a perfect addition to the diet for a dog suffering from kidney failure as well – so many times tripe has been able to give a sick pup a new lease on life just by providing the nutrition that they need to fight their disease and push through.  Tripe is also great for older dogs, dogs with sensitive digestive systems and dogs just starting out on raw.  Make Tripe Strips the basis of your dog’s raw diet – the results will amaze you and even the pickiest of pups will get excited about dinner time!