Tripe Smells….

Tripe.  So so good for them, so so stinky in the bowl…thankfully they don’t leave it IN the bowl long enough for us to really get a saturated whiff  – that comes when we are portioning it out and spooning it into their bowls – YUM!  We try to describe the smell – cow dung, fishy, bad, rotten, Eau de Barnyard – and we would all be correct.  The fact of the matter is that the smell of tripe, by its very nature, is sort of hard to pin down.  Its “elusive” if you will.

Differences in tripe are normal and should be expected. Smell, texture and colors can all vary from stomach to stomach

Tripe is the stomach of any ruminant animal.  Here at APFP we offer both beef tripe and lamb tripe.  Other ruminants include deer, goat, antelope, giraffes – lots of herbivores, some less common than others!  Considering the fact that tripe IS the stomach (usually along with some of thee stomach contents hanging about….), what the animal providing the tripe eats can be of utmost importance.  In addition to other factors, diet can most certainly affect the overall smell of a particular batch of tripe.

Consistency isn’t necessarily one of tripe’s qualities unfortunately.  For example, here at A Place For Paws, while our processing of tripe is completely consistent (method and amount of added beef blood etc.), the tripe that we pick up after morning slaughter may not be.  Since we refuse to use beef that is feedlot raised, our beef comes from several small local farmers in our general area who utilize a common slaughterhouse.  Factory farmed (feedlot) beef consists of cattle who are raised in a penned off area, not pasture land, and fed a particular formulation of grains and cattle feed.  All cows eat the same thing day in and day out.  None are turned out on grass at all.  Our beef comes primarily from grass fed animals.  It is possible that individual cows do receive grain supplementation as needed but overall – pasture raised and supplemented with plenty of local hay.  Because grasses differ from field to field, season to season and because the same can be said of hay, its not hard to understand how these seemingly slight changes in diet can cause major differences in smell.  Variety insofar as tripe smell goes – well, it can be a good thing!

Another factor to smell is freshness.  In the case of APFP Raw Green Tripe, we have actually had customers call to make sure all was okay with their tripe because of a less pungent smell than they were used to.  While this could be attributed to dietary differences, more often it may be purely a factor of “freshness”.  We are lucky enough to have the ability to pick up our whole raw tripe directly after they are slaughtered.  No waiting while the tripe sits out, in a cooler or freezer.  Slaughter occurs early in the morning and we are there to get it shortly after the last one is finished.  From there its a scant 30 minute journey to our processing plant where processing begins immediately and ends with the tripe in question ground, packed and in our freezer.  There really is no downtime.  We believe that this could be one reason that our tripe often has less of a smell than some.

At times you come upon tripe that is just plain old STINKY.  It happens.  Don’t be alarmed.  If your tripe is from A Place For Paws – there’s nothing wrong with it.  Its been processed and frozen from the moment we got it – promise!  There are just stinky cows out there and those stinky cows have, well, stinky stomachs?  Its not rotten, its not bad, it won’t

Tripe from A Place For Paws is always processed exactly the same way

make your dog ill.  Often dogs PREFER the smellier stuff actually (they can be sooooo gross!).  You may also see slight differences in consistency.  Some tripe appears drier than another batch, sometimes there seems to be more moisture.  Rest assured that if your tripe is from APFP its the EXACT same “recipe” each and every time.  There are times when the tripe is a bit moister than usual though, or drier as the case may be.  Often its the more moist stomachs that have a more pungent smell.  You may rely on the fact that it is the SAME regardless of the smell or texture – its just the nature of the beast that it sometimes will be slightly “different”.

Hopefully this will clear up some of the mystery of tripe….hopefully you won’t be shocked the next time a slightly more stinky batch is delivered to your door.  If your dog acts slightly suspicious of it, that’s okay – once he gets a taste and realizes its the same just a bit different, he’ll no longer care and scarf it down in no time!