Tripe Questions – What Is Better, What is Safe?

Okay, we all know the benefits of feeding tripe by now – well, most of us anyway!  Sometimes questions do arise.  They may seem silly to some but remember – there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Oftentimes people ask about canned tripe.  Is it as good as raw, is it good at all, should they use it.  Admittedly, as with many things, there may not be a concrete answer BUT some facts are just true – fresh frozen is always better.  Let’s think

Raw unbleached tripe in ALL its nutritious and scrumptious natural goodness!

about it for a second.  Canned tripe is processed.  This means it is essentially ‘cooked’ for lack of a better term.  Heat is used in the canning process exposing the raw tripe to oven like conditions.  Does this really make a difference?  Makers of canned tripe maintain that it does not – that nutrients remain just as they do in fresh raw tripe.  While I am sure that some do and that canned tripe is not completely void of nutrition, logic tells us that it is not going to be the same as fresh raw.  Heat changes things – kills off beneficial bacterias, negates some of the digestive enzymes.  Some survive, without a doubt, and those are the ones that show up upon scientific study.  They are there – just not as usable, not as numerous, not quite as good.   Is canned tripe bad for your dog?  NO!  Its probably the next best thing to fresh raw tripe and in a pinch, very usable indeed.  Just don’t expect the exact same results.  Even though exposed to the canning process, you can be assured that it will maintain some benefits so if you simply aren’t able to get the real stuff, canned tripe isn’t a horrible option.

What about that tripe you see at the grocery store?  To raw feeders, the idea of eating tripe ourselves is generally a nasty thought.  Most Americans have never tried it and likely never will – but this doesn’t mean it isn’t a staple or a delicacy in other cultures.  As a result, some grocery stores, most often ethnic stores, will and do carry a version of tripe for human consumption.  Is this okay to feed?  While it isn’t going to hurt your dog, it isn’t going to do anything for him either.  Tripe for human consumption is bleached, scalded and generally rendered nutritionally inert.  In short, a waste of money.  The parts of tripe that make it SO GOOD for our pets are all gone once it goes through the ‘humanization’ process.  Our recommendation?  Avoid it.  Go for the canned – at least there is some nutrition left!

Your best bet?  Fresh frozen raw green tripe.  You knew we were going to say that didn’t you?  Thing is, its true.  Fresh raw green tripe maintains its integrity no matter what.  With minimal processing its by far the most nutritious – no heat, no cooking, no scalding, no bleaching – just plain straight from the cow tripe.  It stays as nutritionally dense as you hoped it would be as it remains in its natural state.  The most processing it goes through is grinding and freezing – neither of which compromises it in the least.  You can be sure that tripe from A Place For Paws is as healthy as it comes.  While green tripe is, by definition, not for human consumption (remember, we need to bleach it and scald it and do who knows what else to it…), ALL of our tripe is from cows that ARE for human consumption.  That means that while you can’t be completely sure of the origin of canned tripe, there is no such wondering with ours.

So where possible, feed raw frozen green tripe from a reputable source.  Second best?  Canned tripe from a source that you have researched and know to be safe.  As for white bleached and tortured tripe?  Don’t do it – save your money and order up some of the GOOD STUFF!!!