Tripe Plus Beef Package

Does your dog love beef products but you just can’t decide which one to buy? Don’t worry – we have the perfect package for you!  The Tripe Plus Beef Package gives you everything you need to satisfy that red meat craving in your dog.  This package brings you all of our great ground beef products in their three forms.

Raw Green Beef Tripe should be a staple in any dog’s diet.  Great for them with its plethora of probiotics and digestive enzymes, this is a perfect food for any dog – especially those that are a little on the sensitive side.  Helpful for dogs with a variety of illnesses and issues, Green Tripe is a hard one for ANY dog to resist with its delicious barnyard smell and, what we assume, delicious taste.  It is also the go-to meal for any dogs suffering with kidney or digestive issues.

Tripe Plus is a newer product of ours.  It combines the best of both worlds as it is approximately 50% Green Tripe and 50% Beef.  Supplemented with the proper ratio of liver, heart and Eggshellent Calcium, this mix brings together two of the best things you can feed your dog – Tripe and Beef muscle meat.

Our Beef mix has long been a favorite of many.  Consisting of beef muscle meat, beef liver, beef heart, tripe and beef bone dust, this power food is great for dogs prior to any sort of activity, especially doggy sporting events.  It also is a

Pure goodness in the mixing bowl!

Pure goodness in the mixing bowl!

boon to nursing and pregnant mothers.  Unlike many beef mixtures on the market, our Beef contains our homemade bone dust which consists of high quality beef rib bones ground down, in house, and added in that ground raw state to the meat mixture.  No bone meal or processed dust here.  Its all raw, all high quality and all ours.

Finally, our package offers 4 pounds of Veggies for you to add at will to your dog’s meals.  Feed a small or larger amount – its up to YOU and what your individual dog needs.  These veggies are ground and pulped fresh on site so that they are the healthiest that you can find for your dog.  Each veggie has been carefully selected for its nutritional qualities and the vitamins and goodness that it brings to the table.

Try our Tripe Plus Beef Package – its a great way to add some red meat to the life of your dog!