Tripe Plus – A New Product Your Dog Will LOVE!

Tripe is by far one of the best foods that we can give our dogs and now A Place For Paws has done tripe just a little bit better.  Introducing Tripe Plus – one of the greatest foods you can feed to your pup!

Tripe Plus incorporates all of the benefits of tripe with the benefits of beef muscle meat and organs.  We have taken raw beef tripe and we have added approximately 20% beef tongue, 20% beef heart and 10% beef liver.  The calcium and phosphorus levels are balanced with the proper ratio of ground eggshells adding the needed calcium yet from a whole food source.  This mix is perfect for any dog but is exceptionally good for working and performance dogs, bitches in whelp, growing puppies and dogs with health issues like kidney problems.  Because there is no added bone and minimal organs, this is a safe mix to feed to your dog who has been diagnosed with kidney failure or who has elevated kidney levels for whatever reason.

Higher in calories than tripe alone, this energy giving food will keep your dog in good weight and its unique mix is incredibly tasty – sure to tempt the most discriminating palate.  If you have trouble getting your dog to eat beef, this mix might be the turning point in your battle.  Since its 50% tripe, the beef becomes somewhat secondary – what they really taste and smell is the tripe itself.  What they actually get is both, which makes for a healthier more satisfied canine.

Available in both 2# containers and 50# bulk boxes, Tripe Plus is simply a fantastic addition to your dog’s diet.  The best of both worlds, it tastes great and is good for them.  As always, it is made from only the finest ingredients.  We never use feedlot beef – only locally raised on small local farms and meant for human consumption.  Quality is one of the many things that we pride ourselves on at A Place For Paws.

Give the new Tripe Plus a go – neither you NOR your dog will be disappointed.  In fact, you just might find a new ‘favorite’ to add to your dog’s repertoire of delicious food from A Place For Paws!