TRIPE! No More Worries, Its Back!

The drought is over…the beef tripe drought that is!  While much of the country suffers under the driest summer in a long time, we here at A Place For Paws have suffered under the driest TRIPE summer in a long time!  Supplies were limited, the waiting list was growing, the panic was widespread…..Until now – because the tripe shortage is OVER!  Tripe is back and its has come back strong.  Waiting lists are now a thing of the past – we have the beef tripe you need and we have it without a two week wait – WHEW!

So many people depend on our beef tripe as a huge part of their pet’s diet – for some, it forms the main component of what they feed their dogs.  For some, there are health problems that necessitate a diet made up mostly of beef tripe – allergies, stomach issues, old age, kidney diseases, heart issues, unenthusiastic eaters – any number of problems.  People depend on tripe to keep their dogs, whatever their situation, healthy.  We at APFP prefer to be able to assist all of our customers in that endeavor and now that we are flush with beef tripe, our jobs have become a whole lot easier!

Whether two pound containers or 50 pound bulk boxes, we are fully stocked on inventory and ready to meet all of your tripe needs – the nightmare is DONE!  As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding over these past few months – our customers are, quite simply, the BEST!