Tripe – Its Your Most Basic Building Block

Probably the calls we get most at A Place For Paws are in reference to Raw Green Beef Tripe and Raw Green Lamb Tripe.  Why is everyone so interested?  Likely because more than anything else, tripe is THE best food for your dog!

Lamb tripe can make a nice alternative to beef tripe and is especially great for dogs with beef allergies that include beef tripe

If you could feed absolutely nothing else, the best choice you could make would be an exclusive diet of tripe.  Its pretty near complete, great for iffy digestive systems, a low allergen (in fact, some dogs who can’t tolerate beef muscle meat CAN eat beef tripe without issue), great for sensitive pups and full of digestive enzymes and probiotics.  Its tasty enough so that even the most picky of dogs gobble it up.

How about dog who just won’t eat?  Tripe often does the trick.  Sometimes dogs are just picky – like a lot of people are!  While you don’t want to cater to them giving them all sorts of weird and strange concoctions and five different things at every meal, how about finding something perfectly healthy for them that they actually will like?   Often this lack of appetite is true of a dog who has an illness.  Just like people, the appetite is often the first thing to go – dog doesn’t eat, dog gets weak, dog can’t fight off whatever the sickness might be.  Dogs with terminal illnesses have actually lived far longer than expected because they retained the ability to eat and stay strong.  Tripe can often be the answer you’ve been looking for.  It incorporates something your ailing dog will eat along with something that is actually good for him – better than good.

While tripe in THIS form looks a bit scary, the ground easy to feed tripe from A Place For Paws should cause no fears if you decide to feed it to your lucky dog

Yes tripe smells sort of…iffy.  Sort of a barnyard smell reminiscent of drives in the country….Okay, well maybe that’s putting a little bit too much “poetry” to the smell BUT its honestly NOT THAT BAD!  Since dogs tend to gobble it up as quickly as you put it down it only last for a few seconds anyway!  Rest assured – you’ll get used to it.

Tripe is also a great thing to wean puppies to when they are starting to venture away from mom’s milk.  Watered down tripe is gentle enough for young pups (as young as 3-4 weeks even!) and no worries, any mess left behind on the ground or on the puppies will be cleaned up by mom with GUSTO!  Less work for you, good nutrition for your new babies.

The way that some people talk about tripe gives the impression that it has some sort of magical qualities.  While we can’t confirm that there is any “magic” involved, its about as close to natural perfection as you can get.  Using tripe as the basis for your dog’s diet is smart, savvy and what is BEST for your dog.  Don’t let it scare you either by virtue of what it is or because of how it smells.  If its what is best for your dog, does any of that matter?  Tripe….its what’s for DINNER!