Tripe – How can they eat that stuff?

Smells like a barnyard, isn’t exactly easy on the eyes either … WHY do they love it??  Well there are a couple of theories….

Erica is holding a whole beef tripe.

Dogs have way more scent receptors than humans but far fewer taste buds hence a lower sensitivity to what humans would consider “bad” tastes!  So while flavor is 80% smell and 20% taste, when you have as few taste buds as our canine companions have, taste isn’t that important after all it seems.

But you ask – how can they want to EAT something that SMELLS that bad???  Stands to reason that if something smells rotten nobody (human OR canine) would want to eat it, right?  Doesn’t seem to be the case surprisingly enough!  Scientists have found that rotting or fermenting foods are actually enjoyed by dogs AND their humans (think limburger cheese and aged beef) for an interesting reason – these foods all have in common a very high level of glutamic acid which both dogs and humans experience as “meaty” tasting.  This acid, which occurs naturally, is familiar to most of us in synthetic form as monosodium glutamate – a common flavor enhancer.

So what’s the bottom line? Dogs are likely enjoying the savory taste of “meatiness” when they consume that tripe or even that “thing” that they found in the woods …. not so different from some of what we ourselves eat!