Who Loves Their Raw Green Tripe???

Jessica Meier of Michigan feels certain that the favorite food in her house is APFP Raw Green Tripe with a side order of our Venison Jerky Treats. Both her dachshunds and tollers adore the stuff. Jessica took her tollers to the Canadian Nationals recently and we anxiously await news on how the pups did!:

“Wow, my dogs love your tripe! It is soo nice! Nice and
bloody the tollers and dachsies have much improved digestion
on it. When I pull out the tripe for dinner, everybody
starts to bark! All of my friends know not to call my
house between three and four o’clock, as this is
feeding time. My dogs have lovely coats and teeth as
well. At dog class the other night, I opened up a package of
venison jerky. everybody’s dog was in my pocket. When
I was asked what I was using, I promptly wrote down
the website.

Job well done!”

Jessica J. Meier RN and the Seaforth dogs