Treats Are Important Too

If you read this blog, chances are you are one of those pet owners who actually CARES about what they feed their animals.  You may not be a raw feeder (yet!), you may be a part time raw feeder, thinking about raw feeding or what have you BUT more likely than not you actually read the ingredients of whatever food you happen to give to your pets

Treats don’t have to be full of “crap”. Dogs LOVE our Nothing But…Treats which are single ingredient and made right here in our processing plant from local human grade ingredients

and try to understand what is good and what is bad.  Treats can be just as important as your pet’s main diet.  Why would we be so very careful about what our pets get for dinner but not care what they get for a snack?

Most treats available at large discount pet stores and grocery stores aren’t generally what we would like to feed our dogs.  Ingredients that make us say “HUH?” on kibble bags should elicit the same reaction when we read treat bags.  We see Beggin’ Strips with nary a sign of bacon in the ingredient list, soft treats that look like hunks of beef made entirely out of corn, Milkbones made almost entirely out of grain.  Another treat hazard can be the amounts of different protiens (albeit in the form of digest or by products) in one single bag.  This is a nightmare for people who have dogs with specific allergies.  Pork figures heavily into treats that claim to be chicken or beef (cost cutting measures).  If you don’t read you won’t know and if you have an allergic dog – watch out!

Basically if we care about what our pets are eating, we need to care about ALL that they are eating, not just the meals.  Feeding raw or a high quality grain free kibble but giving your dog a milkbone every morning hardly makes sense.  Make sure that they treats you hand out are of the same quality as your dog’s food.  Look for single ingredient treats like our Nothing But…Treats rather than garbage formed into pretty bone and vegetable shapes.  Your dog doesn’t care what the treat looks like – they care how it tastes and we should care about what it contains.  Watch to make sure that treats are made in the USA and don’t come from far away lands like China (remember the whole recall thingy?  Uh huh.).  Don’t be fooled by claims that treats are “Made with real chicken that your dog will love” without checking to see what else might be in there.  Chicken may be good food but not when its mixed with nasty preservatives and bushels of corn and by-products.  Be aware of what you are handing out – be just as conscientious in picking out your dog’s treats as you are his food.