Tough Plush Tug Toys With a Hippie Flair

Its hard to find durable toys that your dog will love.  Most people have to stick to a Kong or a Nylabone – unfortunately many dogs find these toys BORING.  Enter the Hippie Pentas made by Doggles!  Hippie Pentas are a colorful plush toy that will enthrall your dog.

While plushy on the outside, Hippie Pentas are tough as nails on the inside.  Legs, arms, body and head are all cut from one single piece of strong material which means no extra seams from sewn on arms and legs.  That means less chance those arms and legs will be ripped off in short order.  The inside of the toy is a strong reinforced webbing “x” and runs through out the body, arms and legs.  Added strength.  One squeaker is quite enough to keep your dog interested and even if he somehow happens to release the squeaker, the plushy fun of this toy will hold his interest without it!

Stuffed toys tend to be the favorite of many dogs.  We, as owners, are often loath to purchase them because many dogs make short work of tearing them open and spreading fluff all over your house and yard.  Hippie Penta’s take away that annoyance.  They have no stuffing yet retain the feel and give of a plush stuffed toy. Its a win win – your dog enjoys his plush, you enjoy not having to pick up ‘snow’ in your living room AND not having to shell out for a new stuffed toy every other week (if they last THAT long!).  Their bright fun colors and ‘hip’ design and details make these toys a must have for any house that caters – just a little bit – to their family pooch!  Make his day – buy him a Hippie Penta to tug and carry and squeak and toss.  His joy will make your day!