The Saving Of Cody – A True Story

codyblog.jpgWe here at APFP love to hear from our customers about the wonderful things that raw feeding has done for their dogs. Here is a wonderful and touching story about one of our very special clients – Cody.

“Just wanted to tell you the story of Cody. We adopted Cody five years ago and did what most people do take him to the Vet to be checked out. He of course had his shots and was scheduled to be neutered he was a rescue but they were unable to neuter him at the time he was there. So we scheduled his surgery. During this time we started to feed him raw food from A Place for Paws.(We purchased the food from a local store The Natural Pet)
For what ever reason the Vet gave Cody his rabies vacation right after his surgery even though he had developed an infection from his surgery. About three days later he was unable to open his mouth. We took him to the Vet and what they suggested was totally unacceptable so we searched for a Holistic Vet to take him to. They wanted to forcibly ratchet open his jaw.

We had help from a Naturopathic Doctor, The Natural Pet store and a Vet that practiced natural remedies as well as traditional medicine. The Naturopathic Doctor was the one who save Cody’s life advising us how to detoxify him. He was still able to eat only because he was eating raw food and could just use his tongue to lick his food and swallow it without having to chew anything. At the time we started his treatment he was so weak he could not stand up but after the initial treatment he bounced right back. We were finally able to locate a Holistic Vet and get in to see her about five months after the start of his problems. It took almost a year before Cody was completely well. I subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal that is where I first read about feeding raw food and was able to locate a store locally that carried raw food from A Place for Paws. The owner is the one who put me in touch with the Naturopathic Doctor. So as you can see if it were not for so many caring people our Cody would not have survived.
Today Cody is a healthy and happy almost six year old chasing his kitty’s around the house and continues to see his Holistic Vet for check ups and has flourished on his raw diet.”

Cody’s proud parents
John & Dora Berry