The Rolls Royce of Joint Supplements – Level 5000

Joint supplements are everywhere.  Sometimes its hard for a pet owner to know just what is going to be best for their dog.  Why not go with one that is PACKED with goodness?  Liquid Health’s Level 5000 is, by far, the most powerful formula yet!

Level 5000 contains exceptionally high doses of the most widely used and successful joint supplements out there.  With 5200 mg of Glucosamine HCl per oz, this supplement firmly address your dog’s issues in a big way. It also boasts 100mg of Hyaluronic Acid and 1000mg each of MSM and Chondroitin so there is nothing missing from this formula!

In addition to the traditional joint supplements, Level 5000 prides itself on including as many cutting edge, natural items as possible to enhance the effectiveness of the mixture.  They include Aquamin Algae mineral blend, enzyme support from Bromelaine, antioxident support from Grape Seed Extract and Boswellia.

Level 5000 comes in two sizes, 32oz and 8oz.  Due to the high concentrations of active ingredients, the dosages are low, even for large dogs.  This means that one 32oz bottle can last upwards of 2 months for one large dog.  This makes the choice of Level 5000 absolutely perfect for households with large or multiple dogs all needing joint support.  The liquid supplement is far easier for a dog to absorb and digest and is, therefore, more usable overall than pills and powders.

Try Level 5000 – while your initial cost might be more, the all encompassing nature of this product will make the purchase of other supplements unnecessary, saving you plenty.  The high concentration of active ingredients will make this bottle last far longer than any other product on the market – a perfect deal to help make your dog perfect once again!