The Process – Part Two

So the product has been ground, all ingredients added and mixed to our exact specifications following an exact recipe. Why so exact? You should be rest assured that what your dog got from us last month is exactly the same as what he’s going to get this month. Certainly you may notice slight color and texture changes but the ingredients forever remain the same, the mixing process as well.

Once our mixes leave the grinder they are loaded into what we call “The Stuffer”. This machine allows us to put the mixes by accurate weight into the containers we use for freezing and shipping as well as the five pound “bags” that make up our fifty pound bulk boxes. To ensure accuracy we weigh the containers to make certain that they contain the weight that they are designed to hold ensuring that you, the customer, gets exactly what they pay for. The end result, easy to use deli containers containing known quantities of the food your pet loves. The one and two pound containers are incredibly easy to utilize and store. You know what amount you are working with and subsequently feeding to your pet. The airtight lids make the thawed containers easy to keep in your fridge with essentially no escape of smell. This means that leftover tripe isn’t going to invade your human leftovers which can only be a good thing! The five pound rolls can be a little more difficult to use but the convenience of having five pounds on hand at a time as well as the significant savings in price make them worth it. Generally if you thaw a five pound roll out partially and cut it into usable chunks you can then store those amounts in freezer bags or containers for later use. In fact, this will go for the one and two pound containers as well. If you want the savings of ordering larger amounts for a smaller dog you can always partially thaw the containers, scoop into portions that fit your needs and refreeze what you wish to use later. Its that easy and refreezing one time won’t compromise the food in any way. Luckily our mixes are well frozen enough that they stay solid towards the middle after even several hours out so its simply a matter of scraping off the amounts you need and putting it all away. Complete thawage isn’t necessary until its time for you to feed!