The Process – Part 1

blog-beef-mix-3.jpgThe product. Convenient, easy to handle, easy to feed, great consistency. HOW does it get that way? Hard work, dedication and lots of pride in what we do. We process our food weekly to bi-weekly to ensure that only the freshest product is shipped out to all of our customers. Our production staff utilizes lots of brains and lots of brawn to make sure it gets done right. We work from set recipes that make sure that our product gets to you just like it did the last time you ordered.

Begin at the beginning….Fresh product is brought to our facility from local sources – straight from them to us, no wait time at any point in its journey. We produce certain things on certain days to ensure that the freshness factor remains – the day that tripe enters the door it goes into the grinder, is processed and goes straight into our freezer where it is frozen to ten degrees below zero. Brrrrr! Same goes for our other blends as well including our whole raw meaty bones such as chicken necks, backs and turkey necks. In the door and processed almost immediately.

Ingredients are weighed and checked for quality control – nothing substandard will ever make it into OUR grinder or subsequently into your home. They are then placed into the grinder where they are ground an initial time and then put back in for second grind. This makes certain that there is adequate mixing as well as the finely ground consistency that appeals to so many of our canine and feline customers (not to mention their humans).


Tune in next time…..when the product gets “STUFFED”!!