The Pro and Cons of Feeding Bones

Feeding Bones – Should you or shouldn’t you?

Should you be feeding bones to your pet?  How many and how often? Are there some reasons they shouldn’t be fed?  Are there types of bones that shouldn’t be fed?  Are there some dogs that shouldn’t have bones?

Beef marrow Bones make great recreational bones for your dog.

Beef Marrow Bones make great recreational bones for your dog.

Bones are a great way to occupy your dog, give your dog a snack and help his teeth stay clean and tartar free.  Raw bones of varying sizes are appropriate for nearly all dogs including those with few teeth!  Raw beef bones come in a variety of sizes and types and one is bound to be perfect for your dog.

You can overdo bones in your dog’s diet.  Some dogs are more sensitive than others so too much marrow as is found in beef marrow bones can cause havoc with their digestive system.  Try only giving the bone for a limited time to help this.  Other dogs get constipated if given too many edible beef bones so feed them according to your dog’s individual needs.

Puppies have little teeth and little mouths, giving them large recreational bones such as marrows and knuckle bones can be a little too much for those tiny teeth.  Try rib bones or neck bones rather than the more dense inedible recreational ones.  Time enough for those when they are older!  If your dog is older and has lost a few teeth the same rule applies.  Recreational bones can be a little hard for touch chewers causing chips or breakage.  If you have a heavy dedicated chewer, stay away from recreational bones and feed the softer more edible ribs, necks and other edible bones.

Most all bones are appropriate for dogs but feed size appropriate – if your dog could swallow that bone whole its too small for him to be left with.  Make sure the bones you feed fit your dog’s chewing ability as well as mouth size such as mini marrow bones for small dogs and regular marrow bones and huge bones for larger dogs.

Many beef bones are a great way to give your dog a snack on fast days.  If you choose to fast your dog, why not throw him a bone to entertain him and give him some satisfaction.

Raw meaty bones are generally things like chicken backs, necks, turkey necks, chicken leg quarters and the like.  These raw meaty bones are meals in and of themselves due to the nice balance of meat and bone.  Beef bones, while fun and great for your dog, are often not covered with enough meat to make a good meal.  Either add meat or try beef neck bones which a usually well covered and can ultimately make a great whole meal for your dog!