The Perfect Small Training Treat

Hopefully most people spend a decent amount of time training and working with their dogs.  Even after classes are done and the basics are ingrained, proofing our dogs’ behaviors and providing some ‘continuing dog training education’ is just as important as it is for lawyers and doctors and veterinarians!  Then you have the proud owners of a new dog – maybe its a baby puppy just learning about the world, an adolescent adopted from a shelter or an older dog in need of a home.  Either way, all can and will thrive under a thoughtful training regime.  Positive training is by far the most successful and popular method these days.  Gone is the harsh world of painful corrections and skewed beliefs that pain will get you results.  Among other things, positive training requires an important component – tasty high value treats!

Often the easiest treat to train with is one that is soft, easily and quickly consumed, and not so messy in your pocket or treat bag.  Enter Cloud Star’s Soft Tricky Trainers.  Designed specifically for training sessions, Tricky Trainers are the perfect size and perfect softness to work well for all dogs no matter size or age.  Already bite sized, these treats don’t require any breaking up at all – each morsel is perfect for a well deserved reward.  They fit easily in your hand so that you can have a treat ready for just the right moment.

Tricky Trainers are low fat and made with wholesome ingredients without by-products, artificial colors or flavors.  Made in the U.S.A. with only the best ingredients, recall fears are largely unnecessary.  Even though they are bite sized, Tricky Trainers will keep your dog interested due to the explosion of tasty goodness they will experience with every treat.  Available in Cheddar, Salmon and Liver, there is a Tricky Trainer available for even the pickiest of dogs!

Make training time easy – grab a bag of Tricky Trainers and have that reward ready as soon as your dog struts his stuff!  What a tasty way to pay them back for a job well done!