The Best Calcium Supplement – Eggshellent Calcium

Since raw feeders are always on the lookout for a deal, we often may find ourselves the proud owners of boneless meat that was either purchased on sale, gifted to us from hunter friend, or the product of a neighbor’s freezer clean-out.  Regardless of where you found your bounty, you want to be able to feed it to your dog and you want to be able to do it the RIGHT way.  Obviously, if its boneless meat, it contains no bone.  This means that there is no calcium to balance the eggshell calciumhigh phosphorus content that exists in the meat itself.  So does this mean that you can’t feed it?  Not at all.

While some people will add boneless meat to extremely bony RMB’s in order to balance the meal, other people would prefer to simply feed the boneless meat without having to add any other protein source to it.  They may have a dog on a restricted diet, they may not have access to many RMB’s and they may be unsure as to what percentage of bone their dog should have.  There are a myriad of reasons why one would feed a boneless meal and all of them are valid.  It is also easy to do when you have Eggshellent Calcium on hand!

Eggshellent Calcium is a whole food natural calcium supplement.  Bones are the optimal way to give your dog that calcium he needs, but ground eggshells is the next best thing.  First, it is from a whole food source.  It contains 100% ground eggshells – no additives, no fillers.  The shells are pasteurized then ground, in a eggshellopen4chemical free process, into a fine powder so that it can hardly be detected and for maximum absorption.  Far and away better than commercial bone meal (which comes from unknown sources and is generally cooked), Eggshellent Calcium is easy to use.  One teaspoon will generally balance one pound of muscle meat (though the amount will differ slightly if you are adding other ingredients like organs etc.).  You can toss it in at feeding time or, if you are making a few batches to freeze for future use, add it before freezing.  Eggshellent Calcium is also perfect for balancing the calcium in a cooked diet – its not just for raw!  Eggshell calcium is also perfect for use in dogs who cannot have bone such as those suffering from chronic renal failure or kidney disease.  In combination with a fatty meat, low organ diet, Eggshellent Calcium will balance the phosphorus in the meat without adding ANY extra phosphorus – exactly what you need to help maintain any level of kidney health in a compromised dog.

Make sure that your pooch is getting the proper calcium phosphorus balance in each and every meal – balance over time is fine for vitamins and other mineral, but calcium and phosphorus need to be fed together in the proper ratio to work properly.   Eggshellent Calcium is an ‘eggshellent’ way to ensure that your pup is getting what he or she needs for optimal health!