Testimonials – Let’s See Em!

One of the most important way to get the word out about raw feeding and what it truly does for our pets is by actually telling our stories and showing people just how incredibly healthy and amazing our pets are.  Who better to help us with this endeavor than our incredible customers and their equally incredible pets!  Its not just raw feeding either – share with us ANYTHING that A Place For Paws has done for your pet whether its a favorite toy, treat, daycare or

Carter LOVES his Bottle Buddy and Huck Em from A Place For Paws!

training experience – we want them all!

We want to feature you and your pets on our blog and in our newsletters.  We want people to hear – in your own words – just what our products and sevices have done for you and the animals in your life.  That means anything goes – food, treats, toys, training, daycare, playday – if we provide it and your dog or cat has benefited from it we want you to share it!

Provide us with a testimonial that includes a photo and we will send you a coupon code good for $10.00 off of anything we have or offer here at A Place For Paws.  Send us a testimonial without a photo and we will STILL give you a coupon code good for $5.00 off anything we have.  Its that easy!  Online orders, phone orders, walk in’s, daycare and training customers can all enjoy the discount!

All you need to do is tell us what our products/services have done for you and your pet whether you say it in 100 words or a 1000.  We will appreciate and share each and every one.  It means a lot to us to know that our customers – both furry and human – are happy and satisfied.  We want to share it with the world and shout it to the heavens!  Send your testimonials to us at aplaceforpaws@yahoo.com with the word Testimonial in the subject line!