Summertime Is Here And So Are Freezy Pups!

Summertime is nigh and hot days are coming!  We get to beat the heat by eating lots of popsicles and ice cream cones – shouldn’t we be able to give our dogs something similar?  Now we CAN!  Introducing Freezy Pups.  Frozen tasty goodness made with organic natural ingredients that are not only healthy for your dog but actually GOOD for them too! Sure, there are a plethora of doggy ‘ice creams’ on the market – but all of them are filled with additives and preservatives and made who knows where out of who knows what.  Now we have an alternative – a healthy wholesome alternative!

Available in two different ways, Freezy Pups are an easy way of giving your dog a unique tasty treat full of great nutrition.  By purchasing the Freezy Pups Kit, you get a bone shaped mold along with a variety of each of the Freezy Pups flavors.  That’s a whole lotta treats to make!  With the Freezy Pups refill packs, you get one flavor in 5 separate packets which make up to (if not more than) 70 treats in all!  You can use whatever freezing method you want – a mold of your own, ice cube trays, you name it.  Of course WE think that the bone shaped tray is about the coolest thing going but….You be the judge!

Easy to make, all you need to do is add water and freeze!  The ingredients are simple and wholesome.  Juicy Apple contains…..100% organic apples!  Sweet potato and maple syrup?  100% organic sweet potatoes and maple syrup.  That’s it, nothing else.  None of the sugar, preservatives or additives that you find in the other ‘made for dogs’ frozen treats or even in the ones made for people.  Economical, easy, nutritious and delicious!  You can even thaw out a Freezy Pup treat over your dogs food to add a little zing to his evening meal – he will LOVE IT!

Don’t let your dog go without this summer – pick the frozen scrumptious treat that will cool your dog down and make him blissfully happy!  Enjoy summer with your dog and a batch of Freezy Pups – the newest and best in frozen doggy treats!