Dani Edgerton, CTC, CPDT Owner

Dani loves dogs and business - a good combination for A Place for Paws!





My family has always had dogs and from the time I was eleven, we trained and showed dogs. At first, we had Afghan Hounds until my Dad tired of all that hair and wandered around a dog show in search of the perfect breed of dog. In my opinion, he found it! Greyhounds have been a part of my life ever since. I have loved 2015-11-18 15.21.24-1and trained Greyhounds for thirty plus years.

Now Greyhounds are relatively easy to train but they don’t like to be forced into doing anything – they like to think everything is their idea. In working with Greyhounds, I was practically pushed into positive training. Clicker training, in fact, is a perfect match for my delightful dogs.

The Greyhounds (and my husband’s Basenjis) also led me to raw feeding. Or they led me to feeding naturally – from there the progression to raw is easy. I have fed a natural diet to my dogs for many years to prevent bloat (somewhat common to Greyhounds). I was cooking and mixing their food – so when I learned about raw fourteen years ago I jumped at it. Now I could just feed the Greys the food raw! No more cooking! Yeah!

It was actually through a raw feeding seminar presented by Ian Billinghurst eleven years ago that I discovered the concept of dog daycare. The seminar was held at a dog daycare in Toledo and I was fascinated by the idea.

At that time, the th2015-11-18 15.57.07ree concepts I was enthralled with formulated into a business. The fact that I could help other people enjoy and connect with their dogs was the crowning touch. Positive training – Raw Food – Doggy Daycare – Socialization – came together to become A Place for Paws.

At the end of July 2013, we celebrated our 100th anniversary (in dog years) and at our party, and I was thrilled to see the fruits of the wonderful work involved in bringing this all together. I have been blessed by God in a marvelous way with this business and the people I have worked with at Paws.

To God be the Glory!