Bj Bell Trainer, Daycare Attendant





I have always had a love of animals. As a child we always had some sort of pet mostly dogs and cats. I lived on a farm for early childhood. So of course we had cows but my favorite animal in the barn were the draft horses. There was just something about their size that just amazed me.

As I got older we moved into the city and we got an English Bulldog and a Persian cat. We took our Bulldog to my first dog show and I had no idea what was going on but it was fun just seeing all the dogs.

It wasn’t until I received my dog Takoda that I started to research positive training. I realized that it was very successful and that brought me to A Place for Paws. I started coming to playtime just to socialize him2015-11-18 15.26.15 and it didn’t just benefit him I also was learning as he played and had fun.

Then I met the owner Dani Edgerton and she took time to answer the many questions I had. And there were alot. I am very grateful for that meeting. After being a regular attendee for many months I got an opportunity to train my first puppy. I still remember how proud and scared I was to pick that first puppy up.

Since then I have been hired as a daycare attendant and trained numerous puppies. I also have asked Dani to be my mentor so that I can acquire my dog training certification. I look forward to many more years working and training at A Place for Paws.