Smaller Bones for Smaller Dogs

Many people like to give their pet something t chew on – something that will occupy their time, make them happy and that is healthy and tastes good.  Sounds like a pretty tall order doesn’t it?  Really, its not that hard.  Raw bones, like marrow bones, can be delicious, nutritious and time consuming treats for your dog.  Marrow bones are the shin bone of a cow – usually they are approximately 4-7 inches in length, filled from end to end with yummy beef marrow.  What if that is just too big for your dog?  What if your dog is somewhat sensitive to the richness of marrow and can’t have so very much?  Here’s the solution!

Mini marrow bones are exactly that – marrow bones in a scaled down shorter version.  Generally anywhere from 1-3 inches long, they are marrow bones that have been cut down from the average size.  They are the exact same bone with the exact same density and marrow just smaller with less marrow than the average bone.  These marrow miniatures are great for smaller dogs and for dogs that do better with less of the rich stuff.  These bones don’t necessarily make a great chewing partner for larger dogs though – feeding size appropriate bones is always best, and if your dog can get the entire marrow bone into his or her mouth it is probably is NOT a good fit.  Choose the mini marrow bones for your small and medium sized dogs who are light to moderate chewers.  It will be small enough for them to really get into and enjoy.  Imagine being a 10 pound poodle and trying to get to the middle of a 6 inch long bone – no fair!  The mini marrow bones will be perfect for your little guy!  As always, take care to not give dense recreational bones to the harder chewers in the family – dogs that concentrate a little too hard on chewing and are determined to break off a bit of bone, are poor candidates for marrow bones or any inedible bone.  Make no mistake, just because the marrow of the bone is edible, it does not follow that the rest of these tough bones are.  Use your best judgment and observe your dog before giving them free reign with any recreational bone.  Usually, smaller dogs, don’t have the jaw strength to make the attempt and that makes mini marrow bones the best thing for most of them.

Don’t despair if you had a hard time finding the right raw bone for your little dog – the answer is here and waiting for you to order and dispense – your dog will LOVE you for it!