Sensitive Stomach? Give Your Dog Green Tripe.

Just like humans, dogs can have sensitive digestive systems.  Chronic diarrhea, periodic vomiting after meals, gas, gurgling belly, excessive drooling and reflux are all symptoms that can be caused by an overly sensitive digestive tract.  Often, a sensitive digestive system is irritated and exacerbated by the very food that we are feeding our dogs – even when the bag swears it is ‘sensitive stomach formula’.  This is merely a marketing ploy designed to lull us into believing that our dog’s problems will be solved if we just feed ONLY that particular kibble.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely.  In fact, in most cases, the problem will grow worse.

Kibble is tough on the digestive system of any dog – much less one who suffers from a sensitive stomach.  Regardless of

As our best friend ages, his body ceases to work as efficiently as it did. Feeding him a natural easy to digest diet based on green tripe might be the best thing that we can do for him!

how ‘natural’, ‘wholesome’ or ‘grain free’ a commercial kibble is, its still not an easy to digest item.  For dogs with a sensitive system this can be a disaster.  Nutrition is hard to come by in kibbled dog foods – a lot of work must go into the extraction process.  Further, many dogs are intolerant of the grains and starches that are so often present in the food.  Protein (meat) that is used in the kibble is so processed that it scarcely resembles what it began as.  Many dogs will show an intolerance to certain protein sources, further exacerbating the issue.  So what is the solution?

Feed them a raw natural diet.  Raw food is by far the easiest food for dogs to digest.  Primarily this is because it is what they are built to eat.  Commercial kibble is a relatively new invention – one developed for the convenience of humans, not for the health or well being of their dogs.  Kibble consists of some items that are simply not usable for a dog and therefore the digestion is interrupted and often upset by the attempt to digest it.  A dog’s digestive system must work harder to get the usable food from the whole and some simply aren’t equipped to do so.  The result can be diarrhea, vomiting, gas – common digestive ailments.  Add to that the sheer number of dogs who are intolerant or allergic to grain, and you can often have a mess on your hands.  With a raw diet, you actually KNOW what you are feeding your pet.  There isn’t any guessing – the ingredients are totally in your control.  Even with a raw diet, if you have a dog with multiple issues, some care must be taken initially.

One of the safest foods to feed a sensitive dog is raw green beef tripe.  Green tripe is, in its natural state, chock full of

Tripe. Its what’s for dinner!

probiotics and digestive enzymes.  It tends to sooth the digestive tract while being utterly easy to digest.  Add to that the fact that it is nearly nutritionally complete, and you have a product that you can feed nearly every single day.  Perfect for young puppies to be weaned onto, green tripe will help to transition them from mom’s milk to a raw diet in no time flat.  Its ‘delicious’ smell and taste seems to entice even the pickiest of pups!  Older dogs who were fine in their earlier years, can become more sensitive as time passes as well – remember that the inside ages right along with the outer dog!  Tripe can be a god send for a senior animal.  Easy to chew, loved by 99% of animals and above all, easy to digest.  These are key reasons for feeding our older animals as much tripe as they want.

When combined with a probiotic, most pets who suffer from a sensitivity, intolerance, allergies or a digestive illness such as IBD, will thrive with tripe as the main component of their diet.  Other raw foods can and should be incorporated, but starting with tripe initially is key.  Keep in mind too that just because a dog is not tolerant of a particular protein source as modified for making kibble, it does not follow that they will not tolerate the same protein in its raw natural state.  On the contrary, they often are completely fine with it.

So don’t panic if you have a pup that seems like a hard keeper – it may just be that he needs quality nutrition to be at his best.  One can search and search but will never find a more optimal diet that that which nature intended for our little carnivores to eat.  Don’t get frustrated and don’t let worry drive you batty – give tripe a try – it just may make life better for your dog AND for you!