Can I ever walk my dog without a gentle leader if I start using one?

Fading the Use of the Gentle Leader
Once your dog is no longer pulling on walks using the Gentle Leader (GL) you will want to begin this process for its use. Towards the end of the walk move the leash clip from the Gentle Leader to a regular collar while leaving the GL on your dog. Your dog is less likely to pull the last 10 minutes or so of a long walk. Remember to reward your dog for not pulling. Once your dog is walking nicely on a regular collar, towards the end of the walk move the leash to the Gentle Leader 5 minutes earlier, every three walks. Continue this every three walks until you are clipping the leash to the regular collar when you leave home. If your dog begins pulling go back to the point your dog was successful and start over. The dog should still be wearing the GL. Now during the last part of your walk, remove the nose loop of the Gentle Leader. If your dog is walking nicely progress by removing the nose strap 5 minutes earlier every other walk until you no longer need to put the GL on before leaving home. Again if your dog begins pulling, go back in your training to where you were last successful.
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