Raw Green Tripe Makes for Beautiful Puppies!

“I just had litter of German Shorthaired pointer puppies, and the Green Tripe from a Place for Paws is the perfect weaning food!   In fact, I feed the Green Tripe From weaning till they go home at 8weeks of age.  I noticed immediately the difference in my puppies being fed the “Bag food” and the green tripe.  While the “Bag food” will fill up their tummies, the green tripe will fill up their body as a “whole”.  The puppies are very “solid” feeling, with much more developed muscle.  I can tell their bodies and minds are functioning at over 100%!  Last year, I ordered extra and sent the puppies home with a “log” of green tripe.  Several of the new owners still order the tripe as they see the tremendous value in feeding raw food.  Your website is a great reference tool for raw feeding and the online ordering is easy!  The staff is very courteous and knowledgeable and my orders are always sent quickly, without any issues!


Pups, only a few weeks old, having their first meal of Raw Green Tripe and goat’s milk – the first thing they have ever tried other than mama’s milk!






P.S.  I sure wished your business was closer to my home.. it would be well worth the drive to stock up my freezers with your great products!”


Debbie K.