Raw food – Another Weapon Against Cancer

Nothing is worse than hearing that your best friend has cancer. Its an ugly word with an often ugly ending. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on treatments to keep their pets around and comfortable for as long as they possibly can and understandably so. Diet and supplementation can be a huge part of the fight – sometimes it can help your dog  survive longer than anyone would believe. Carbohydrates and sugars feed cancers. This means that any sugars, starches or grains that your pet ingests can actually help the cancer to grow – the exact opposite of what we would like to see. Feeding your dog a low or no carb diet can help immeasurably with keeping the cancer at bay. A diet of raw meat and bones can make the difference in many ways for your pet. By feeding A Place For Paws raw meat mixes such as Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Green Tripe, you will be providing the absolute best diet out there for your cancer dog.  These mixes are available in ourMeat Only Package for ease in ordering.   If you wish to add veggies for immune health and the nutrients that they provide, our Veggie mix is low in veggie sugars and full of dark leafy greens which act as antioxidants and have been proven to help ward off cancers.

Also helpful is a supplement program geared towards boosting your dog’s immunity and overall health.  Grizzly Salmon Oil is a must.  The Omega 3’s provided by fish body oil not only help skin and coat health but heart health and immune function as well.  Vitamin C works as an immune booster in dogs just as it does in humans – our DogZymes Cran-Tri-C is a great way to provide your dog with the extra “C” that he or she needs.  North Atlantic Sea Kelp provides trace minerals that your dog might be lacking thereby giving them that extra little push towards optimal health.  DogZymes Digestive Enhancer is a daily probiotic that will enhance your dog’s digestion offering good bacterias to ensure maximum absorption of all nutrients.  Liquid Health Fidonutrients rounds out your supplement regime by making sure that you are missing none of the important nutrients your dog needs – even more so due to his compromised position. Always a cancer diagnosis is a scary thing – but there ARE things you can do right at home to give your dog a fighting chance against this horrible disease and perhaps keep him around for a little while longer.