Raw Feeding and Health Issues

1. Cancer – Dogs who have cancer or have had cancer will benefit from a raw diet.  Carbohydrates feed cancer so a diet of meat, bones and organs only will eliminate these tumor feeding elements from your dog’s menu.  If you feed veggies make sure that they are low glycemic veggies such as those in our Veggie mix.  Chicken backs, chicken necks, turkey necks and our ground meat mixes like Beef Tripe, Lamb Tripe, Chicken, Beef and Turkey are a perfect way to help keep that cancer from growing or coming back.

2. Chronic Renal Failure – It is a fallacy that dogs with kidney problems need to avoid protein.  Instead, it’s simply a task of feeding the “right” proteins.  Avoiding too much phosphorus is key and to that goal feeding a diet of fatty meats with a calcium supplement instead of actual bones is ideal.  Our Beef Tripe or Lamb Tripe is perfect.  Even the pickiest dog will eat it and it has no bones but a perfect calcium/phosphorus ratio so there is no need to add a thing.  Another option is our Pork mix which is low in organs (to keep phosphorus levels low) and has Eggshellent Calcium added in lieu of bone to help make it perfect for your kidney compromised dog.  In addition, if you want to make some of your own, add Eggshellent Calcium to any fatty boneless meat along with minimal organs and yet another appropriate meal for your kidney compromised dog!  Remember to never feed meat without a calcium supplement – calcium binds phosphorus and you will overload your dog with that which you are trying to avoid if you don’t add the calcium.

3. Demodectic Mange – Dogs who suffer from this form of mange can thrive on a raw diet.  Yeast feeds the mites so a meat, bone and organ only diet will help to prevent this.  Staying away from carbohydrates and sugary foods make it easier to get your dog healthy.  When combined with an immune boosting regime including vitamin C, probiotics, vitamin E, fish oil and kelp, you can help your dog recover faster and STAY mange free.

4.  Obesity – Too many fat dogs!  Being overweight will take years off of your dog’s life and cause him untold health issues including joint issues and diabetes.  Feed your dog a healthy lean diet without compromising anything at all by feeding him a diet made up of meat, bones, organs and veggies.  Feed amounts appropriate for your dog’s OPTIMAL weight, not what he weighs currently.  Feed meats mixed with veggies so you can cut the fat without removing all of the fat that your dog needs to burn as energy.   This way way you still give your dog optimal nutrition but at a slightly reduced calorie count.  Remember, reduce the AMOUNT before removing all of the fat – the healthy and safe way to cut calories.

5. Allergies – If your dog suffers from food allergies, it is nearly impossible to find a commercial kibble that won’t cause further problems.  This isn’t true of a natural raw diet.  By using an elimination diet you can quickly pinpoint what your dog is okay with and what brings on symptoms.  Once you know that your dog is okay with a particular protein source you can feed it raw without worrying about added grains, fillers and junk.  YOU decide what goes into your dog’s mouth – not some nameless faceless entity trying to make the most kibble for the least amount of money.  Food allergies are solved quickly, painlessly and efficiently when you feed raw food.  Try feeding items like Turkey along with Nothing But…Turkey Hearts or Beef and Beef Tripe along with Nothing But…Beef Heart and Beef Lung when you are exploring what may or may not work for your dog – elimination diet made easy!

6. Heart Disease (Congestive Heart Failure) – Affecting dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes, you can help to ensure your dog’s quality of life by feeding a raw diet in the face of heart disease.  One of the key elements of a canine heart healthy diet is low sodium – something that is hard to find in commercial kibbles where they tend to add plenty of salt.  Also recommended is a high protein diet – with an all meat diet, no problem there.  Taurine is also recommended which means that great benefit will come from feeding treats such as Nothing But…Beef Heart or Turkey Heart.

7. Chronic Ear Infections – Usually ear infections are caused by a yeast overgrowth.  Removing carbohydrates such as grains and sugary items from the diet can help to correct this problem without the use of medicines and expensive vet visits.  Adding a few key supplements like Cran-Tri-C and Grizzly Salmon Oil can also aid in ridding your dog of yeasty dirty ears.

8. Dental Problems – We can brush our dogs’ teeth as much as we want – the fact of the matter is that it will do little to ensure that we won’t have to take them in for a complete dental at the vet.  This means anesthesia and a surgery table – always a risk.  Older dogs often have other health concerns that make this an impossibility without risking their very lives.  Feeding a diet of raw meat and bones can make it so that you never ever have to take your dog in for a cleaning thereby avoiding costly vet bills and unnecessary surgery.  Raw meat with ground bone will do just as good of a job keeping your dog’s teeth clean as whole raw meaty bones but why not give your dog the pleasure of “brushing” their own teeth by handing them a whole chicken back, chicken neck or turkey neck?  Avoid extractions and dental disease the natural way.

9. Liver Disease – Dogs with liver problems are often put on a low protein diet but studies have shown this to not be beneficial to them.  A low purine diet is far more useful when attempting to keep liver values at the right levels and instead of feeding no protein it is a question of feeding the right proteins.  A low purine meat like Turkey is optimal for your dog’s liver problems.  Adding eggs and dairy for additional nutrients can form the basis for a solid “liver” diet for your pup.  Another great option is feeding turkey necks so that you can absolutely control the amounts of high purine organs that are added or just add none at all.

10. Chronic Diarrhea – Dogs with sensitive systems shouldn’t be fed foods that are hard for them to digest.  Think about what you are told to do by any vet when your dog has an upset stomach – “Feed a bland diet”.  For many this means cooked rice with chicken or beef.  Unfortunately this is not something that can be fed long term and who wants to spend tons of time cooking up batches of food?  A raw diet IS a bland diet because its ALL useable easily digestible food.  Kibble is chock full of fillers and useless “nutrition”.  Of course it’s hard for a dog to digest.  Dogs don’t need and shouldn’t be fed grains and oftentimes chronic diarrhea is caused by an intolerance to those fillers – grains such as corn, soy and wheat.  Feeding real food – all easily digested – is a great way to help repair your dog’s digestive system.  Particularly beneficial is Green Tripe which is one of the gentlest foods in the land.  Tripe is full of beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes so it’s one of the key foods to feed when your pup isn’t feeling well.  Adding a probiotic can be the final link to solving a chronic and rather messy problem.