Raw Bones – Nature’s Boredom Buster

Pet owners are always looking for new things that will enrich, enhance and otherwise make their dogs’ lives better.  We spend hundreds of dollars on this toy and this treat and this new fangled product guaranteed to make our dog jump for joy and entertain him for hours.  While all of these things have their place and some may even become a favorite cherished item to any dog, what about keeping it simple – going back to the basics?  Want to give your dog hours of

Marrow bones are a superior recreational bone that can give your dog hours of enjoyment – even after the marrow has been gone for weeks!

healthy enjoyment?  Get em some raw bones!

Nylabones, Kongs, Buster Cubes and their ilk are great items for any dog owner to have on hand.  They can give a crated dog something to occupy their time, can make feeding time easier, keep a dog stuck indoors on a rainy day happy and busy.  There is something even better – something to provide entertainment, exercise, dental health and pure bliss – raw bones.

While many raw feeders give their dogs what are known as “raw meaty bones” for meals, these consist of things like chicken backs, turkey necks, beef and pork ribs etc.  Yes, these are indeed the makings of a GREAT raw meal, without question.  What about bones just for fun?

Beef bones make some of the GREATEST boredom busters in the world.  Marrow bones, stripped rib bones, knuckle bones – heck, ANY bones!  Giving a dog a size appropriate bone to while away the time is one of the best things that you can do for you pup.  Raw bones are safe and healthy unadulterated goodness.

Dental health is a concern for all pet owners.  Granted, raw fed dogs generally don’t have any issues and often go their entire lives without having or needing a dental cleaning.  The same isn’t true for kibble fed dogs – the nature of kibble itself makes certain that a dental will eventually be in the dog’s future even with a regime of brushing their teeth.  Raw

Rib bones are a great example of edible bones that are appropriate for just about any size dog. Due to their relatively soft nature, rib bones are also great for puppy teeth.

bones can often negate the need for such measures – which can only be a good thing.  Any time that anesthesia is used on our furry friends there is a risk involved.  Most dentals require that the dog be put under sedation.  Each time we allow our animals to be sedated we run the risk of complications – even for something as simple and commonplace as teeth cleaning.  This risk elevates as our dogs (and cats) age and their internal systems don’t work as well or they are suffering from the common ailments of old age.  Why take the chance when giving raw bones a couple of times a week – or even ONCE a week – can possible help us to avoid the whole process?  Just because your dog isn’t fed a raw diet does NOT mean they cannot eat raw bones.  In fact, raw bones are one of the safest “chew toys” that you can give and your dog will definitely thank you!

For any dog, chewing a raw bone can be a great way to occupy them – I throw several pounds of them outside on the back porch (weather permitting) and take advantage of the empty house to scrub my floors!  It seriously works!  The dogs are so busy chewing, carrying and burying that they hardly have time to get in my way as I clean up.  They also make a great distraction for a dog who has to be crated during the day while you are working or out and about.  Most dogs hardly notice that you’re leaving when they are engaged with a big old marrow bone!

Always remember to give size appropriate bones – you want them large enough so that they can’t just be swallowed

Raw bones give your dog something to occupy them as well as maintain their dental health in a natural way

whole and large enough to actually give them something to work on.  Many bones are going to be somewhat edible while others are going to be purely recreational (though with some edible parts).  Ribs, necks and various other bones will be eaten at different rates depending on the size, type and chewing strength of your dog.  Other bones – marrows and knuckles – are pretty much just for chewing fun – there is generally some meaty, fatty, tendon, marrow goodness to gnaw off but the bone itself will stay intact.  The first time you give your dog bones, keep an eye on him.  By observation you will soon be able to judge what sort of chewer your dog is as well as if you have indeed given him the bone that is the right size for him.  Once you know than have at it – raw bones will not only give him a way to break the boredom cycle, but they will also keep their smile bright and white without the use of medical cleanings.  Don’t be afraid – just go for it!