Raw Beef Rib Bones – Great For ALL Dogs

Many people are on the lookout for a bone that can fit just about any situation.  Some people are reluctant to give recreational bones to their dogs due to a fear of tooth damage.  With some hard chewers, this can be a viable concern.  Most dogs don’t have an issue with bones like knuckles and marrows – they handle them well.  Other dogs can be a bit more tenacious and hard on those bones, which in turn, are hard on them.  Still other dogs, while reasonable chewers, are sensitive to the large amount of marrow in shin bones – it upsets their system and is just too rich for them to handle.  Puppies, while not necessarily the hardest of chewers with their immature jaw strength and tiny teeth, tend to not do well with recreational bones.  Their tiny puppy teeth, while needle sharp if you happen to get your hand in the way, are not strong enough to take on the leg of a cow.  The chance for breakage or damage is all that much higher.

Enter raw beef rib bones.  Our rib bones are relatively perfect for dogs of about any size or age.  Rib bones tend to be relatively soft insofar as bones in general are concerned, and therefore can be appropriate for both heavy and light chewers.  This also makes them ideal for puppies of all ages and sizes – even the tiniest among them.  Big dogs will tend to crunch them up and heavier chewers may dispose of them in no time flat.  That’s quite appropriate though – they will still get jaw exercise and nutrition, just a bit more quickly is all!  Keep in mind that all dogs are individuals and watch your dog to ascertain how he or she deals with the bones.  Some dogs do better with a smaller amount of bone and consuming a whole rib bone can cause a bit of constipation and the like.  If they don’t understand what it means to actually CHEW the bone, there can be a choking hazard – make sure this isn’t an issue prior to leaving them with ANY bone.  Watch and observe your dog and make your best judgment.

Our rib bones are stripped of the meat – so not truly a raw MEATY bone like a chicken back or neck.  They can be used as the bone part of a meaty meal so long as your dog is one who will actually eat the rib itself – not all dogs will.  Left behind on the bone is the connective tissue and small amounts of muscle.  Inside, the marrow remains intact, and taken together, there is plenty of nutrition to be found.  Marrow is full of iron and B-vitamins while the bone itself is a great source of minerals.  The act of chewing itself is a major benefit, helping to keep tartar off and to massage gums which helps to prevent gum and tooth problems.  Added to this, bones and the attached connective tissue, also contain natural glucosamine and chondroitin which is beneficial to joint health in all dogs.

Even tiny toy dogs and baby puppies love rib bones.  I personally have given rib bones freely to dogs and puppies weighing less than 5 pounds with no issue whatsoever.  Certainly the smaller dogs and puppies won’t make quite as much leeway with the bones as would larger dogs, but the chewing exercise and the ability to tear bits off remains, as well as the ability of the bone to help keep teeth clean and sparkly white.

Available in 3lb. bags, rib bones are a great way to keep your dog entertained and healthy.  Edible and fun, your dog will enjoy every second of chewing these tasty healthy treats!